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2015 Year in Review

The year 2015 was filled with challenges and triumphs. I am grateful to God for giving me more positive things in my life. I have learned to allow God to be the manager or government of my life and to be fully obedient to Him (Isaiah 9:6)


Consequently, the Lord has given me full protection and a peaceful life. I shared my experience with you on this blog throughout the past year, and I hope that you will find my posts encouraging.

I want to revisit some of those articles that have been a blessing to me, and I hope they will bless you also. The posts are highlighted so click on it and share my journey to become the oil and wine.

The year of Jubilee.

Becomingtheoilandwine began the year 2015 with a bang! The Lord declared that it was the year of Jubilee – a year of brokenness and healing – a year of releasing and giving. It was also the year when we begin our daily devotion giving thanks to God for His many wonderful blessings throughout the years.

Many times we tend to focus on the negative aspect of life and tend to forget to count our blessings. We need to always wake up to a new day with thanksgiving and persevere in pursuing our dreams.

Although the news in the media is most times alarming, we need to get closer to God because He will never forsake us. Sometimes you have to stand alone to make the right decision but His love is merciful and He will keep you in His love because God’s love is forever.


Are you searching for true love? You will certainly find it in heaven. But, before you can love anyone else, even God, you must first learn to love yourself. God’s perfect love will never fail and is unbreakable.

It is important that you do not judge someone by their outward appearance but learn to know everyone by their spirit. When you apply this rule in marriage, you will not be disappointed, and you will shed no tears within your marriage.

Learn to build your character in God and always pray that He will establish His love in your heart. The Lord first loved us, and we need to give Him back the love.

Life is wonderful when you live it for God. I have had a full and rich life in God. He is my everlasting Father, and He also blessed me with an earthly father. The Lord has also placed a Virgin and a Doctor in my life to teach me patience and humility.

It is only one simple step to a more prosperous life so walk safely and enjoy an abundant life. Many friends and family have been cut off unexpectedly from this earth but we cannot give up we must press on. The Lord promised that you can find the good in the midst of tragedy.

You may be alone, but you do not have to be lonely because God will protect you and be your companion.

Your youth can be restored without surgery or makeup so that you can live a long and healthy life. There are blessings in the wilderness but to receive them you need to become a sheep and not a goat.

Resurrection and life

The sheep will always find green pastures with the Good Shepherd because He is the resurrection and life. Christ has conquered death, and there is new life in Him.

Some people may question the authenticity of the death and resurrection of Christ, but I can assure you that Christ is real because I have experienced Him in my life.

Oh, death where is your sting? There is indeed hope beyond the grave so move up to a high level in God. There is nothing too hard for the Lord so He can definitely put your life in the right perspective.


Everyone wants someone to honor them for a job well done. You are approved to receive recognition so state your name and position and the Lord will reward you.

It does not matter if you are a man or woman; the Lord will reward you for your noble character. Women are blessed with wisdom and the spirit of discernment. God is also calling the women for greater work for such a time as this.

Christ is our living Hope. We do not need to beg for His love because you can find love in Him.

Where is my beloved?

Every month of June I searched for my Beloved because I have a particular song for Him that will strengthen and motivate him to higher heights in God.

There are top positions available for men, and I do hope they will apply for them because they come with great fringe benefits.

Men you need to discipline yourself because there is death lurking at your door.

Ensure that your life is in order by controlling your feet and ensure that you align your desire with God’s desire for you. You are already a winner so graduate to a higher level in God and prophesy over your life.

The young men and ladies need to follow the path of righteousness by speaking words of power over their lives; making the right choices so that you can overcome peer pressure. Avoid chasing after senseless dreams, put God first place in your life and stand firm in your faith.


You are a vessel of great honor so flee youthful lust and attach yourself to the vine. Remain connected to God and do not disconnect yourself even when you are on vacation and you might want to let down your hair for a while.

Return to the characteristics of a child.

Some of us tend to worry unnecessarily because we think that our problems are too big for the Lord, and life is complicated, but there is nothing too hard for the Lord.

Sometimes your personal life does appear chaotic, and you may not find any comfort in anyone, not even the Church. There is a place where you can find comfort and protection.


Every adult needs to return to their childhood and emulate the characteristics of children because the Lord states that if we do not become a child, we will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Some of the characteristics of children are extra perception, wisdom, energetic and loyal. Children love with a pure heart and are rooted in faith.

Many people are worried about their taxes, but the King’s children are not taxed. If you are not a child of the King, you can rise to answer the call and become one. It does not matter if your status in life is as high as the Pope; you still need Jesus in your life.

Choose to be humble because the Lord will elevate you in due season. God has an individual plan for our lives, and He can use you regardless of your age.

God has a plan for you regardless of your age.

I was 47 years old when I discovered the call that God has on my life, and I am walking in obedience to His call and learning to accept my jubilee. I have also discovered the key to a healthy life and how to relax in God.

When we get older, the body gets weaker, so we need to strengthen ourselves with healthy food and live in the Word of God because the Spirit gives life.

We also need to educate ourselves in whatever illnesses that the doctor may diagnose such as diabetes, breast cancer, and hypertension.

Reapers are urgently needed to harvest the millennial generation because it appears as if we are in jeopardy of losing them. Do you believe that we will?


The Lord is searching for men and women of integrity with a clean heart. Those who practice the great commandment of God and knows how to live in His presence.

Signs of the time

The signs of the times are evident in the world. We are living in the great tribulation, but we do not need to fear because we can cast out fear with love. We have also embarked upon a new era. It is God’s time and His time brings great power.

The disease Ebola that threatened the world in 2014 had been abated but many other tragedies are occurring worldwide such as terrorism in France and America.

We join our hearts together to pray for France, Kenya and other countries where terrorism are rampant. We are also praying for the unity of the church so that we can stand together and destroy the enemy.

Christ has already won the victory, and He is our High Priest, who intercedes to the Father on our behalf. We are, therefore, free to meet the Lord at the mercy seat of grace and possess our promise land.

When you possess your Promise Land, the Lord will remove your diseases. The blessings are overflowing in the promised land, but you deserve these benefits so give thanks unto the Lord.

As we enter the month of December, we become startlingly aware of how fast the time is passing. Many of you may panic when you realized that you have not accomplished much during the year, and have suffered many failures.

Success begins in your mind, so think positively.

The Christmas season is a time of rejoicing and family gathering, but it can also be a lonely time that is filled with suffering. Therefore, think soberly, avoid overspending and give to the poor and needy.

Think carefully before you shop. Christmas should not be a time of partying and senseless shopping. Instead, Christmas should remind us that greatness is birth from hardship.


Blessings in the New Year.

As you enter the new year, behold the Lamb of God, and open the gates of righteousness and enter through it.

Finally, I want you to wait for the early and latter rain, commit yourself to righteousness, love unconditionally, and you will receive blessings from the enemy.

I wish to express my deepest love and gratitude to all my readers, friends, family and fellow bloggers who have supported this blog throughout 2015.

I know that God will bless you tremendously because you are helping to promote His work. Thank you, and may God bless you and give you peace.


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