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The Father, the Virgin and the Doctor Part Two

Waking up every morning to see a brand new day is a miracle in itself, and it is important that we give God thanks for it. In spite of our circumstances, we should approach each day with hope and new expectation. With this in mind, I continue to celebrate life by paying tribute to three different islands that had an enormous impact on my life and my family.

Part one honored the Father and today part two will pay tribute to the Virgin, who has taught me patience and humility.

The Virgin

The British Virgin Islands – you burst forth above the surface of the ocean like sun-drenched rocks erupting from ancient volcanoes that laid deep in the ocean floor. In spite of your volatile origin, you remained calm and demure. You continued to be unspoiled by the smog of industrialization and the sparkle of modernization.

Irrespective of all the temptations from the many prospective lovers who tried to woo you with their flirtatious words such as ‘franchise’; ‘skyscrapers,’  you continued to remain the virgin among all the other isles. For this reason, you are blessed, and the Lord wants to honor you.

Long Bay, beef Island BVI -

Long Bay, Beef Island BVI –

The Baths - Virgin Gorda/ image courtesy of

The Baths – Virgin Gorda/ image courtesy of

I must confess that for the first fourteen years living on one of your beautiful isles, I considered you my wilderness journey because of the trials that I endured.

However, recently when the Lord showed me the Promise Land and told me to get ready to cross over Jordan. Which land do you think it was? Yes! You guess right, it is you – the BVI. Your charm and your beauty are your greatest assets.

Main Street Road Town, Tortola BVI/

Main Street Road Town, Tortola BVI/

Your determination to remain unblemished despite all the temptations has touched the heart of God, and He has decided to pour out His spirit of wisdom and revelation on your people. Your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men and women will dream dreams, and your old men will see visions.

However, you need to recognize the stumbling block that is currently preventing you from living in the destiny that God has ordained for you. The enemy (Satan) has planted a stronghold over your nation, and it is currently blocking your future.

While the nation of Judah was in captivity in the land of Babylon, the enemy had a stronghold over their nation. The Bible called it the ‘prince of the kingdom of Persia.’ (Daniel 10).

The answer to Daniel’s prayer for the nation of Israel was held up for twenty-one days by the prince of the kingdom of Persia. This prince fought against Christ to prevent Him from going to Daniel with the answer to his prayers.

However, the Lord prevailed when Michael, one of the chief princes (God’s angel) who watches over the nation of Israel (Daniel 12:1), came to help Him fight with this Prince of Persia while He battled with the kings of Persia. After Christ had defeated the enemies, He was free to answer Daniel’s prayer.

The stronghold that is over your nation and your people is pride and deception. The enemy has planted these seeds in the heart of many of your people, and they are suppressing and blocking the blessings of God in their lives.

This stronghold is like a prince fighting against the answers to your prayers and preventing your deliverance. BVI when your people eradicate these bad spirits from their lives, the blessings will flow like a river.

The blessings of the Lord has already been poured out on you so open your heart and receive them. Do not allow the enemy – Satan – to blind your eyes with pride and deception. Stamp on his head and let him know that you are a conqueror in Christ Jesus who have defeated him from ancient times and gave us the victory.

Strive to walk in obedience and receive the mind of Christ which is humility, obedience, and love. These are the spiritual weapons (humility, obedience, and love) that you need to destroy the spirits of pride and deception from your life.

God has called you to be the leader to proclaim His prophetic words to the millennial generation. Rise up to the challenge and take your position.

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Aerial view of the BVI - paradise

Aerial view of the BVI – paradise

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