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The Lord Knows

Lord, you know all things and see all things and what you say is true. I’m looking towards that day […]

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The Redemption Song

All over the world, the black race has fought for freedom and equal rights, but I will be amiss if […]

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Give Thanks to God

Father God I thank you so, You are Whom I long to show. Praise and love all through the day […]

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Perfect Advice

If your troubles are deep-seated and long-standing, then try kneeling.


From A Child’s Heart

A daddy was listening to his child say her prayers. “Dear Harold…” “Wait a minute, honey, how come you called God […]

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Conquering Fear

I have noticed for the past few months that there is an increasing amount of fear in many people. They […]

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Are You Part Of The Elect?

The days will be shortened for the elect sake (Matthew 24:22-24). This statement was prophesied by Jesus Christ. If the days had […]


Call Upon The Lord!

Do not be afraid to call the name of the Lord because there is power and deliverance in Him.


Father Knows Best

Father knows what’s best for me He sees beyond what I can see How and when I do not know […]