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Divide And Conquer!

The divide and conquer strategy has been used in many organizations, possibly informally, to keep workers under subjection.

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God’s Anointed One

The Lord promised to establish His house and His priest would minister before the anointed one forever (1 Samuel 2:35).

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Is Tithing Necessary?

In recent time there have been many controversies on whether tithing is necessary in the church.

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Rest In The Lord

You searched my heart, You know my thoughts, There’s nowhere I can hide; So boldly to your Throne, I come, […]

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You Have Got An Answer!

Communication is the act of exchanging information. When you speak to someone, you expect the person to reply to you.

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Naming Your Children

A child goes to his father and asks, “Father, how do parents think of names for their children?”

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Overcoming Deception

Why is there so much deception in this world? Why do people prefer to believe a lie instead of the […]

The Rapture Theory

Before I begin, let me emphasize that the rapture is not the same as the second coming of Christ.