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A Lesson on Freedom

In today’s world, many black people are beginning to wake up and recognize their history and where they come from. […]

Overcoming Fear and Panic ›

Anxiety or COVID-19?

Hello, for those who may not be familiar with me, I am Beverley’s daughter. The last time that I wrote […]

Overcoming The Storms Of Life ›

Current issues affecting the Church ›


Since the beginning of the 1990s, cell phones have revolutionized into smartphones.

Living Victoriously ›

Returning To Our Roots

One of the many good things that came out of this pandemic crisis is that more people are becoming self-reliant.

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Harm not the oil and wine ›

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Stay On Guard

We have already gone halfway through the month of January and by now you have settled in the routine that […]

Real Neat Blog Award #2

A big thank you to Mrs. Holliman of GOD’S LOVE for nominating me for this award. Please visit Mrs, Holliman’s […]