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Jesus Wept!

If Jesus should come as a man to earth today, what would he see that would cause him to weep?

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Qualifying The Called

There is a well-known quote that states, “God does not call the qualifies but He qualifies the called.”

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Returning To Our Roots

One of the many good things that came out of this pandemic crisis is that more people are becoming self-reliant.

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Joy In Heaven

Heaven is a spiritual place where there is no darkness and evil.

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Small Joy Tag

Thank you Mrs Holliman of Gods Love for tagging me to share some joy.

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The Best Meal Ever!

A little girl from Alabama went to church for the first time ever when she was visiting her grandparents in […]

The Brainwashed Baby

There was a baptism in church, and five-year-old Emma watched intently as the pastor poured water on the tiny infant’s […]

The Missing Remote

Mrs. Smartt was fumbling in her purse for her offering when a large television remote fell out and clattered into […]

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