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Are we in Jeopardy of losing a generation for God?

According to statistic approximately fifty-nine percent of young people (18-28yrs) with a Christian background have dropped out of the church.girl-882336_640

Thus, it appears as if we will lose this generation.

However, if my generation is failing to do their part to win our children to God, I want to assure you that God will not fail.

He has already placed His people in strategic position around the world, and He is waiting for the right time to make His move.

God use humans to work on His behalf in the earth. He has already won the millennial generation in the spiritual realm, and He is about to manifest it in the Physical realm. He needs you and me to do this so we have to position ourselves in the sanctuary of God so that He can instruct us.

According to Rachael Held Evans, who wrote the article, why millennials leave the church, they leave because they cannot find Jesus in the church. She also said that many millennials are increasingly drawn to high church tradition such as Catholicism, Orthodox, Episcopal church because these ancient traditions appeared unpretentious to them.

While I agreed with her first statement, I do not agree with the latter. Many young people that I know including my children find the tradition or church rituals very boring and only sleep in church.

None of the young people in my church participate in worship service, and the look on their faces suggests to me that they are just dying for us to shut up so that they can return to their cell phones.


We need to find out what is it about the cell phones, iPad, and internet that caused these young people to be drawn to them. I asked my son this question, and he said it is the interaction with these gadgets that make them so exciting.

For example they can use their fingers to text, they can find places and information all over the world, and they can experiment with the various apps. They can also fix things and play games using the internet and interact with their friends. The gadgets keep them engaged at all times, and the world is literally at the tip of their fingernails.

Suddenly I realized what is missing in our regular church service. The interaction with the young people. Most churches dedicate a week or a day for the youths, but that is all time they receive. What if we allow our young people to participate in every service in the church? Do you believe this will help?


What If we re-organize the church itself and redesign the building and open the doors to the community? In other words, we make the church minister to the community as an outreach center.

The church should be opened twenty-four hours to assist anyone who is in need. Therefore, the church would be equipped with food, clothes, shelter, counseling and teaching sessions, music lessons, dance lesson, poetry and story groups, singing classes, games and sports.

The young people would become involved in all of these areas, and they will be physically interacting with their peers and other people in the community. In other words, they will literally see Jesus within the church.

Jesus told the people that when He returns to earth, there will be a separation of the people. The King will tell those on the left to depart from Him because they did not feed Him when He was hungry.

When Jesus was thirsty they did give Him any drink; as a stranger they did not show Him kindness; when He was naked no one bother to clothe Him, and while He was sick and in prison and they did not feed Him. (Matthew 25:31-46)

Those on the left were amazed by Jesus’ statement because they had never seen Him hungry, naked or in need. But guess what? They missed the revelation of Christ’s statement, and we are missing it also because we are still playing church inside a modern air conditioned building while Jesus is outside in the cold – hungry and naked.

The generation of millennials recognized this situation, and they want no part of it so they decide that they will leave the church to search for Jesus on the outside.

God is not losing this generation with or without your help. Even if He has to use a donkey or stone to bring in this generation into His kingdom, He will do it by whatever means necessary.


God has already begun the harvest, so if you are not a part of it, you will find yourself running behind a galloping train.

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