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A Year of Brokenness and Healing.

After watch night service, my children and I returned home and we went to bed. Later in the morning of the New Year, I woke at 10 am and the first two words that came to my mind were brokenness and healing.

I immediately recognized that the Lord is calling us to a place of total repentance so that we can receive healing. The Lord wants us to not only to repent of our sins, but we need to repent to each other. There are so much bitterness and resentment among God’s people that it is preventing us from receiving our total healing and deliverance.

The Lord has such great plans for our lives, yet most of us will never attain them because of the state of our hearts. When I thought about these things, I found myself weeping on New Year’s Day. The day when we were supposed to be happy and rejoicing. But why was I weeping? You may ask. I wept for myself and others, and I am still weeping:

“I weep!

Not from pain; not from sorrow! But,

I weep!

I weep for husbands, for men

Who know not their full potential in God;

So they remain dormant in pride and defeat.

“I weep for wives who are crying for their husbands and children.

I weep for children, teens, young adults who are hurting.

They hurt, yet unable to say where it hurts.

I weep for you, my people!

I weep for you!”

I weep for yonder days when life was so uncomplicated.

Life was basic –

Food and shelter equal contentment.

I weep for progression;

A world filled with technological advancements and accomplishments;

Yet regress in sensibilities.

I weep for unfulfilled promises;

I weep for lack of endurance;

I weep because I cannot wait.

I weep, for I trust in man’s intellect

And I failed.

I was awakened to a new day, a new beginning –


But I weep not alone

For God is weeping with me;

And he says,

“How long, my children, how long?

How long will you falter between two opinions?

If God is for you, let him reign supreme.

“You will not succeed in self-reliance and self-gratification.

So release!

Release the pain; release the tears;

Release the bitterness;

Release the little things that so easily beset you.

Release the plans; release the problems;

Release the fears;

Release them all into His waiting arms.

Release your life;

And weep no more!

Beverley D Wright (January 1, 2015)


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