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Jubilee – The Year of Releasing and Giving.

We heard the word jubilee spoken many times, and we even sang it in songs during our church service. One popular song is Days of Elijah written by Robin Mark. The first stanza of the song is as follows:

These are the days of Elijah declaring the words of the Lord and these are the days of his servant Moses righteousness being restored; and though these are days of great trial, of famine and darkness and sword still we are the voice in the desert crying, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.”

Behold he comes riding on a cloud shining like the sun at the trumpet call, lift your voice it the year of Jubilee and out of Zion Hill salvation comes. (Robin Mark)

This song is very inspiring, and I believe the Lord gave the song writer – Robin Mark the words of this song. He wrote the song in 1994 and released it in 1995. Since then many people have become aware of and are claiming their year of Jubilee.

Once again this year 2015 is declared the year of Jubilee. The Bible stated that the year of Jubilee should be once every fiftieth year. So which year in our present dispensation is the year of Jubilee?

Before we can get an answer to this question, it is best to look at the word of God to find the origin and meaning of the year of Jubilee. According to Leviticus 25, the Lord told the Israelites that as soon as they settled into the promise land, they should cultivate it for six years and in the seventh year, they should allow the ground to rest.

Celebration of liberty from slavery. Image courtesy of pixabay

A celebration of liberty from slavery. Image courtesy of pixabay

They should count seven Sabbaths of years for themselves which would be seven times seven years equal forty-nine years. Then they should sound the trumpet of Jubilee on the tenth day of the seventh month.

On this Day of Atonement, they should consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all the inhabitants. No one was left out because it was a year of Jubilee for everyone.

During the fiftieth year of Jubilee, each person received their possessions that were rightfully theirs and each person returned to their family.

They should eat only the produce of the land and not eat anything wild or discarded. In other words, only the best things they will receive. There should be no oppression among them whether in business or otherwise. Everyone must fear the Lord God and reverence Him.

Cancellation of all debts. Image courtesy of pixabay

Cancellation of all debts. Image courtesy of pixabay

During the year of jubilee, properties must be redeemed and loans forgiven and forgotten.

Any servants who desired to be released from their duties should be discharged with their children.

They should also help the strangers or foreigners on their land.

Note the key words that are in bold because those were the blessings that the people received during the year of Jubilee.

In our dispensation, our year of Jubilee cannot be calculated based on the calendar since most of us do not follow the Jewish customs or tradition. Our year of Jubilee is spiritual, and as long as we are obedient to the Lord, He will give it to us.

There must be consecration or sanctification before you can receive your year of Jubilee.

The Lord Jesus Christ already atoned for our sins when He died on the cross. Therefore, when we accept and receive Him into our life, He will save and sanctify us. Thus, the Lord will liberate us from the past sinful life.

Everything that the devil had stolen from you, the Lord will return to you in full measure, pressed down and running over.

When you dwell daily in the secret place of God, the enemy cannot oppress you. There will be trials, but they are to build your character so that you will be humble and patient.

Freedom by photostock. Image courtesy of

Freedom by photostock. Image courtesy of




The return of Christ is close, and we need to advance to the level that God expects from us.

Therefore, we need to build our body as a temple holy and acceptable unto God so that we can declare His prophetic words to the nations. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

Many horrific things are happening around the world, but they are the fulfillment of the prophecies of God.

The people of God need to unite in prayer against the evil spirits of Satan. Then we need to release the word of the Lord over our nation. Remember the battle is not against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places.

The year of Jubilee is a year of brokenness and healing and a year of releasing and giving.

 Additional References: Psalms 91; Ephesians 6:12

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