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Fix it Yourself!

Once again America is faced with another mass shooting, another deadly carnage, another lamentation and anguish. So much senseless killing, so much unexpected deaths! When will it end?

Who made those killers gods to determine the end of a person’s life on earth? Who gave them the authority to snatched the last breath from the body that God created?

no weapons of mass destruction

Where is the justice?  How can we repair the carnage? How can we stop the slaughter? How can we straighten a deranged mind?

Turbulent and frightening questions flowed in your minds. You try to find answers, you speculate, argued, blamed, you wailed and slumped in defeat.

God is not fixing this! The Daily News blared. And you asked Why? He needs to solve it or else we will all die at the hands the serpent, the venomous one.

But why do we need God to fix the wrong and evil that men created? Why do we need God to mend a nation that turn its back on Him?

A nation who only knows Him in tragedies but denies Him in times of opulence. Should He respond when we only call upon Him in calamities? Will He answer? Or will He remain silent?

God remained silent when He saw the serpent seducing the woman with words that appeared beautiful and appealing but shrouded in deceits.

God remained silent when the man ate the forbidden fruits of evil and became lost in shame. The Lord looked upon the nakedness of men and felt pity, but He was silent.

Finally, God spoke, and He asked the man one simple question,

“Where are you?”

The Lord is asking us this same question right now,

“Where are you, my people?

“I am searching for you whom I have created in my image and likeness.

I am searching for you whom I gave tremendous power and authority.

I am searching for you whom I blessed with fruitfulness and multiplication.

I am searching for you whom I gave the authority to dominate and control the earth.

Where are you?

I gave you all rights upon the earth to make it better so fix it yourself!

Remove the weapons of mass destruction from your land; remove the injustices, the greed for material wealth, destroy all the evil spirits of pride, deception, immoralities, idolatries, backbiting… from your land.

Return to Me the God who created you in love and righteousness; return to me and I will fix you so that you can fix your nation.”

References: Genesis 1-3


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