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Wake up to a Great New Day!

Today is the beginning of a new day for you!

Today ends the past and begins the future.

Prepare to meet the glory of God and His redemption.

Prepare to see the mighty hand of the Lord upon the enemy;

And prepare to receive your reward.


The Lord will set you upon a rock where you will never be moved;

He will plant your feet on higher ground for all to see you.

So keep your eyes on the Lord and

Wait in His sanctuary where you will find refuge.

Follow His lead and He will direct you on the pathway of life.


Today the Lord Jehovah is your God

And He will always be with you.

Today your destiny is sealed;

Today your righteousness will shine as the light –

A light that will not be extinguished.


Today the Lord has granted you favor;

He has given you love and peace.

Receive His words and live –

Live and declare the works of Lord.

The above prophecy was given to me from the Lord on September 29, 2011, during a very low point in my life. The Lord healed me from a broken heart and restored my joy. 

He gave me a new beginning. It is, therefore, my pleasure to share with you these prophetic words from the Lord and I hope that you will receive them.





References: Proverbs 12:28; Psalms 119: 105; Psalms 118:17

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