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Now That You Have Entered The Promised Land, What Are You Suppose To Do?

Enjoy your blessings! Yes, you must feel free to enjoy all the great things that the Lord provides for you. He provided houses that you did not build, vineyards you did not plant. He provided the delicious fruits of the land – the grapes, oranges, olives, apples, pomegranates and strawberries to name a few.


Your table is overflowing with great things, and you can see your enemies looking on in amazement. They cannot understand how you have reached so far in life. Weren’t you the poor lady/man who was destitute without a dime to his/her name? How could you reach such a high level? What did you do to deserve so much good things?

You smile to yourself because you know that you have not done anything great; all you did was to love the Lord with all your heart and soul and obey His voice. Consequently, you fall under His mercy and blessings.

However, if you want to enjoy the blessings in your promise land forever, you need to obey the judgment of God.

What are the judgments of God?

The judgments of the Lord are His final rulings that are entirely genuine and righteous (Psalms 19:9). Therefore, when you enter the promise land, you must abide by the following instructions.

  • You must ensure that you conquer all the enemies in the land and make no covenant with them. Your enemies are the evil spirits of Satan which includes fear, pride, anger, gossiping, etc
  • You must teach your children to walk in the way of the Lord so that they learn to separate themselves from the evil spirits.
  • You should destroy all the idolatries and graven images in the land. Money and material possessions have become the idols in many people’s lives. Therefore, when the Lord has blessed you with wealth and fame do not allow them to become your gods by enabling them to occupy your mind. Remember the Lord gives you money so that you can give to the poor.
  • Never forget that you are a holy people unto God, and He has chosen you specifically for Himself.
  • Always love the Lord and keep His judgments and obey His commandments.
  • Bear in mind that the Lord is a faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments (Deuteronomy 7:8-10). However, He will repay those who hate Him to their face and destroy them.

There will be even more blessings when you continue to obey the Lord

  • He will continue to bless you and keep you.
  • He will bless the fruits of your womb, your land and possessions and He will give you the oil and the wine.
  • The Lord will bless you above all people, and there will be no barrenness or lack in your household.
  • The Lord will take away all sicknesses from you, and diseases of the Egyptians (enemy) will not afflict you. Health is an extraordinary blessing that you will need to claim.
  • The Lord will continue to rebuke the enemy for your sake, and you will be well protected.

References: Deuteronomy 7; Psalms 23

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