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Laundry Chaos!

A few months ago I was ‘on call’ at the hospital. Being on call means that if there were patients who needed urgent ultrasounds, I would be called to do them.

I do not like this part of the job because it limits my activities on the weekend. For example, I am not able to travel far from the hospital or go off the island.

I am unable to attend certain functions because it would be a waste of money or time if I am called out in the middle of a program. Therefore, on Sundays when I was on call I preferred not to attend church.

On this particular Sunday morning, my daughter wanted to go to the laundry since it was her only day off at work. I reluctantly agreed. I usually go to the laundry during the week when it was less crowded.

I have never been to the laundry on a Sunday morning since I was usually at church or work. I also had this feeling that the laundry would be crowded that morning.


Sure enough, when we arrived at the laundry, we barely found a parking space and my heart sank. Nevertheless, we unpacked our large bags of dirty clothes and hurried inside hopefully.

My heart sank even further in my chest when I discovered that all the large washers were occupied. One person controlled six of the better and newer machines and it appeared as if she was just beginning to load them. My daughter wanted to return home, but I refused since we were already there.

The laundry was relatively large consisting of several different sections. We rushed to every area squeezing past people who were also searching for washers, hoping to find an available machine.

Finally, we discovered about three dingy washers that I reluctantly began to load. I had a lot of clothes so I knew they would not suffice.

Two of the washers that I was about to use were located one behind the other. As I began to put my clothes into the first machine I felt a rush of air whizzing above my head as someone threw a bundle of clothes from behind me and into the empty washer in front of me.

I spun around and glared at the man behind me but merely pursed my lips as I realized it was no use yelling at him. He was already pouring in laundry soap and in a flash he had the machine going while I was still loading my first washer.

The man then rushed to the other side of the room to capture another unused washer that he spotted. I shook my head in disbelief. I guess this was his usual style.

I turned to my daughter asked, “Doesn’t anybody go to church on a Sunday morning anymore?”

It appears as if the entire community goes to the laundry on a Sunday morning!

After much aggravation we managed to locate enough machines to wash our clothes. The washers that we were able to find were old and shallow and I was positive that the clothes were not washed properly.

A month later, on my next visit to the laundry, I discovered that one of those machines that I was forced to use was actually reserved for washing rugs. Yuck!


Laundromats are not one of my favorite places to go since we do not have them in Jamaica. You either wash with your personal washing machine at home or with your hands.

The clothes were then hung on the line to dry in the sun. I tried to maintain these practices here in the BVI, but unfortunately, I had to resort to the laundromat on many occasions.

The chaos at the laundry that Sunday morning opened my eyes to an enormous problem and a simple solution. Since most people go to the laundry on a Sunday mornings, why not take the church to them.

The entire congregation does not have to be at the laundromat, only a musician, a singer, and a preacher. Permission from the laundry owner is also necessary.

Every Sunday mornings the churches are packed with ordained ministers who are anointed with the word of God and need an outlet to release it.

Only one minister can preach on a Sunday morning. In fact does it make sense to be preaching to Christians every Sunday morning when the real harvest is on the outside and they are hungry for the word of God?

Take the word

Ministers, I implore you to take the Word where it is needed! Take the Word to the people outside the church building, and you can find most of them in the laundry mats.

I am sure that the people would be receptive to the Word. You would see growth in your local church and an increase revenue for the Laundry owners because the Lord will bless them tremendously for hosting His word.

Let the church bring order to the chaos at the laundry on a Sunday morning.

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