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Who Will Dare to Stand Alone?

The world is at a standstill –

Leaning over the edge of a cliff.


It began,

When babies are abandoned;

Children are missing.

Mothers are weeping for their unborn babies

Who never lives to see the light of the day.

Where are the babies? Where are the children?


Young people are hopeless,

Suicidal and oppressed.

Parents are overwhelmed and stressed

Unable to cope so they surrender in defeat.

The leaders are confused because they lack wisdom

So they continue to commit folly day by day.



The world is falling apart –

Toppling over the edge of time.

It is the beginning of great sorrows.

There will be more confusion;

More death, more missing babies;

More weeping; more wailing.

How can we end this great calamity?

Who can straighten this crooked world?


The Church, who is called by His name, appeared powerless.

They see the chaos and they said,

“Let us pray!”

And they hoped that when they opened their eyes

The turmoil will disappear.


We need a John the Baptist

Who will cry out in this wilderness of trouble,

“Repent, for the coming of the Lord is near!”

We need a Jonah to preach,

“Yet forty days and Nineveh will be destroyed!”

We need a Moses, who will shout to the enemy,

“Let my people go!”


We need a Nehemiah who cares not about status;

Who is not too busy making money

And hoarding treasures in rotting vessels;

Who refused to compromise with the enemy

But rise up against injustices

To reinforce and establish unity among God’s people.




Who will make a difference in our world?

Who will dare to be a Daniel?

Who will dare to stand alone,

And proclaim righteousness to a dying world?


There must be dismantling before there is restoration.

It is time to go out to the byways;

Gather up the broken pieces,

The parched stones and the weary weathered timbers

And bring them all to the mountain of the Lord

So that He can put them back together again

And straighten our broken world.

Beverley Wright (October 2011)






Referenced: Matthew 3; Jonah 3:4; Exodus 5:1; Nehemiah, Daniel 1; Matthew 24

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  1. Your passion for God is very evident in your posts. The Body of Christ is not powerless, it is ASLEEP! Christ will accomplish all that the Father sent Him to do, regardless of the apathetic nature of His Bride. There is much tribulation as you have shared, and when finally, the trumpet sound rends the skies, Christ will be with us and Eden will be restored. He will present His Bride, fully awake, spotless, to the Father. Let us hold this hope within us, even as we watch and wait, for our redemption draweth nigh! Blessings of the Father to you!

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  2. Hi Jane, Thank you for visiting my blog. You are so right God did not leave a church who is powerless. All power was given unto Christ which he past on to the church but unfortunately most of us are not adequately exercising the power of God in our lives. As you rightly said the church is asleep.

    Hence the line read,’ the church appears powerless.’ It is only an appearance which will be changed when we all unite together and recognize our full potential in God. It was wonderful having you and please visit again. May God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

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