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Are You a Beggar of Love?

One day I was in a department store purchasing a few items. Many people were also shopping for Christmas and among them was a lady with her husband. They had just completed their shopping and were waiting to cash their goods.i-beg-your-pardon-1089735_640

The lady’s husband said something to her and began to walk away. Then she said to him, “Am I going to be able to rely on you to take the heavier stuff to the car?” She said it in a pleasant voice with a forced smile on her face. The gentleman turned back and reluctantly returned to her side.

I pondered on this lady’s words. Why did she have to say that to him? It should be obvious that the stuff would be too heavy for her to take to the car alone. Her husband had a duty to perform but sadly he was unaware of this.

When I returned to work that very day as I entered the lunch room, there was a Play on the television. One of the scenes in the play showed a lady begging the man to be the one to love her and to take care of her.

She held on to the man’s hand who was trying hard to pull away. I then realized that this young lady was desperately attempting to get love and attention from a man who apparently did not want her.

Is this what we want to teach our children and young people that it is okay to beg for love? I hope not. I began to reflect on my marriage, and I realized that I was no better than these two ladies. For fourteen years, I tried desperately to gain the love and respect from a man who clearly did not love me neither did he respect me.

I begged for love, but I received none. Why? Because he was incapable of loving me. I was also incapable of showing him affection because I was a novice to true love.

I begged for the attention and respect of my husband, but I received none because he was unable to give me the comfort and respect that I deserved. Our communication was negligible because we had different spirits and personalities.

Was this my fault? Of course not but I did not know this then because I lacked the wisdom and knowledge that I have now. So I allowed his limitations to destroy my self-esteem.

The Lord is a merciful God because after He had rescued me, He showed me real love. He comforted me and whispered words of love and peace in my ears.

The Lord held my heart in His hands and gently massaged away all the aches and pain, and then He mend it together. Ladies no ordinary man on earth can ever do that for you.

The Lord then took me back to the beginning of creation into the Garden of Eden to teach me real love. He told me that love begins with His Spirit, who dwells in your heart.

When a husband and wife have the spirit of God living in their hearts, they can demonstrate true love to each other. The Holy Spirit will teach you to love your brothers, sisters, friends and those whom the enemy uses against you. God is the personification and actualization of love.

Young ladies and gentlemen, before you get married allow the Lord to teach you how to love and be loved. He will teach you the art of communication. He will teach you how to be a wife or a husband.

When your lesson is complete, ladies the Lord will take you to your husband and marry you in the spiritual realm. Men, the Lord will take your wife to you and marry you in the spiritual realm.

You do not need to pray to God for a wife or a husband. Instead, seek the Lord for wisdom and understanding to gain the Kingdom of God and you will receive everything else.

Read the story of a woman who begged for love in all the wrong places until finally she found true love in the right place.

You are Special!                                  

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