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Chasing After Senseless Dreams

When I was in my early teens, my dream was to become a Writer. I love to write stories, poems, and writing letters. In those days, we did not have the internet and social media to interact and make friends with other people from different countries. We would develop a long-distance friendship by writing letters and sending pictures to each other. These friends were called penpals.

I had many penfriends from all over the world such as Africa, Germany, England, USA and even Jamaica and other Caribbean islands. It was fun learning about the different cultures and lifestyle of others. We would often exchange gifts. Sometimes pen friends met each other in person, and a closer long term relationship would begin.

Penpal letters

Penpal letters

I enjoyed the long distance friendship because I had a passion for writing. I dreamt of becoming an Author, but I had no guidance as to how to go about becoming one. The people who I knew who writes for a living had careers in journalism. I was not interested in that field.

I learned about Radiography through a High school friend but did not know where to pursue studies in that area. After I completed High School, I went to Kingston to search for a job because my mother could not afford to send me to college. However, I had a dream of attending the University.

After applying for many different jobs where I was denied, I finally received a positive answer from the central library in Kingston. At the interview, one of the persons on the panel noticed on my application form that my career goal was to become a Radiographer.

It so happened that she was a friend of the Director of the School of Radiography at the University Hospital of the West Indies and immediately she began to recruit me for the school while promising me a short term job until my application was accepted. She also gave me the address of the school and told me to apply immediately because they were now accepting applications for the new school term.

X-ray machine

X-ray machine

Thus began my thirty-two years career in Medical Imaging Technology. I threw away my dream of becoming a Writer and in the process the devil stole the gift that God gave to me. 

At that time, my career was more important than writing. As a matter of fact, I was unable to write creatively anymore.

Even though I found my job rewarding over the past years because I was helping patients to recover from illnesses, I was pursuing a career that was not my divine destiny. It was not a senseless dream, but it was not the plan that God intended for me.

I discovered God’s real plan for my life when I was forty-seven years old when I decided to surrender my whole life to God. The Lord not only restored my gift, but He also restored the years that the enemy had stolen.

The Lord restored everything that I should have accomplished throughout the thirty-two years that I was pursuing my personal dreams. Isn’t God wonderful?

Before you begin your career, it is best to seek direction from the Lord regarding your divine destiny. 

When you know, His plan you can remain focus without wasting time doing other things that may be meaningless and may not lead to success. Your personal plans may also cost you a lot of needless expenses.


I do not regret the career path that I chose, and I know God provided the finances for me to achieve it. Unfortunately, I wasted thousands of dollars pursuing other personal dreams which ended in failures. When I began to pursue God’s plan for my life it did not cost me a dime and it is currently leading to great success.

Choose God’s plan for your life today.

God's plan

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  1. Your story is SO familiar!
    I wonder if HE gives us a chance to work with the world so that we can make an “informed decision” when we are finally ready….to serve HIM.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes! I certainly believe this. You are perfectly right.
    I believe that when we chose a career even if it is not the one God has planned for us he will allow it until we are ready.
    Most times after we have retired from secular jobs, he wants us to work full time for him. Unfortunately many people return to secular work even after they are retired so they never experience the great plan that God had for them.


    • Again…so true.
      This “retired” woman is a living example! He has a way of making His plans become known.
      His Word does not return to Him…void.

      Liked by 1 person

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