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Help! I Need Your Advice!

Sometimes adults have this misguided notion that the youths do not have any problems. After all, they are young, and most of them are single and still dependent on their parents. What kind of problems could they possibly have?man-949058_640

At church today, a young sister testified that she worked with the youths in her church, and she was utterly amazed at the number of issues that affects the teens and young adults.

She encouraged the parents to pray and support them as much as possible. This lady’s statement made an impression on my heart because I immediately felt that I was not doing enough for the youths in my church.

In my humble way, I tried to mentor a few girls, and I also dedicated two months on my blog to focus on the youths, but I believe those are simply not enough. I need to develop new strategies of how I can be a source of help to our young people.

When I arrived home after church, I asked my daughter to share with me the main issues that affect the youth. She immediately said dating. I asked her to expand on her statement.

She said that teenagers want to be trusted by their parents. They want us to allow them to go on dates without the parents worrying that they are going to have sex and end up with teenage pregnancy.

I tried to explain to her that it is not just a matter of lack of trust, but parents prefer if their teenagers leave the complicated issues of relationships until they are more mature to handle it.

Personally, I believe that since the Lord gave us a lifespan of seventy years or more, we can more than sacrifice ten years (from high school to college) to dedicate exclusively to our school work and professional career.

After you have obtained a job, then you can think about relationships, dating, and marriage. In that way, you will be able to invest more quality time in your relationships that will ultimately lead to a successful marriage.

I found an interesting article written by Quentin McCall, Twenty-three things you need to know about dating

I strongly agree with his views on dating, and I would also like to reiterate his last statement: “Dating God is a better option for those who are not ready for a serious and healthy relationship.”

I would also like to add that before you begin a relationship with the opposite sex, why not start a relationship with God first!

Some people may or may not agree with my opinions, so I am dedicating this post to you. I need your help.

How can I reach the youths in my community? What are the strategies that work best for you? Do you believe that teenagers should date? What is the appropriate age for dating?

Share some of your views on dating and relationships.

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