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A New Era – A New Beginning

freedom-102409_640Since the beginning of the year, many people have noticed that the world has embarked upon a new season. The last full moon eclipse September 28, 2015, seemed to solidify this belief. They claim it signifies the end of times as prophesied by the prophet Joel.

This blood moon also appeared during a Jewish festival, which indicates the year of jubilee according to the Jewish calendar. The year of Jubilee is a year of releasing.

The Lord told the Israelites that after seven, seven years making a total of forty-nine years, on the following fiftieth year in the seventh month on the day of Atonement, the trumpet must be sounded to proclaim the year of Jubilee.

During the year of Jubilee, the Israelites must proclaim liberty to everyone. For the entire year, no one will eat anything that grows wild, but they will eat from the produce of the fields.

Everyone will return to his possessions and his family. Every land that was sold will return to its original owner, and no one will oppress the other.

The year of Jubilee is a year of releasing where anyone who was in bondage would be free and all debts cancelled.

The Lord also declared a year of Jubilee for us. Since our Jubilee is spiritual, we will be free from the bondage of Satan and the promises of God will come to pass in your life.


In 2012, the Lord promised me a year of jubilee on my fiftieth birthday. He has fulfilled this promise, and I am now living in my jubilee.

Since the beginning of 2012, we have also embarked upon a new era. We have entered God’s time.

What exactly do I mean by God’s time?

The Bible states in Ecclesiastes 3 that there are a season and time for every purpose under the heaven. A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time of harvest… a time to weep and a time to laugh. All of this refers to the time and season of man.


However, when it is God’s time, the period of man is not important. It is the season of the Lord, and He does not operate in cycles like men because He has a fixed time that falls on His rest on the seventh.

God’s time is:

  1. A time of completion. God completed His work in six days, and He created the seventh day just to be His rest where He rested and was refreshed. Therefore, the work that God began in you a long time ago, He is now ready to complete it in you. However, it is important that you have started the vision or mission that God gave you, and you are prepared to finish it. If you have not begun your mission because of disobedience, unfortunately, the Lord will judge you.
  2. It is a time of mercy. The Lord’s mercy prevails over His wrath, and it is everlasting. Therefore, if you have sinned against the Lord, now is the time to repent, and He will pardon you. The Lord is extending His arms of mercy to even those who think that they do not deserve it.
  3. It is a time of rest. You can read more about the importance of rest here.

For the remainder of this month, the Daily Thanksgiving Devotion will focus on God’s time, which incorporates His completeness, mercy, and rest. The regular posts will concentrate on topical issues that are happening in the world indicating that Christ’s second coming is imminent.

References: Leviticus 25; Philippians 1:6; 2 Corinthians 8:6-11

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