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Graduate to a Higher Level in God!

My son will be graduating from high school today and this mark a new milestone in his life. He is gradually climbing the academic ladder.

A graduate is a student who has completed a course of study at an educational institution. So far, my son has graduated from primary school and now he has completed his high school academic program and will be receiving his diploma today.

If one considers graduation to be moving from a lower level to a more advanced level, then my son is not only advancing in the academic field, but he is also moving up from adolescence to adulthood. He is also moving from a lower level of maturity to a higher standard of maturity with more responsibilities.

Image courtesy of Scottchan/

Image courtesy of Scottchan/

Life consists of various stages and to grow you need to advance from on stage to the next. Your first ‘graduation’ was from the breastfed/milk stage to solid food, and the process continues throughout your entire life.

As adults, we should always aspire to move to a more advanced level in our personal life. We can move from a place of complacency to one of productivity. 

We can also be determined to leave past failures and mistakes behind and embrace a lifestyle of uprightness and success.

Image courtesy of iosphere/

Image courtesy of iosphere/

Endeavour to always move forward and upward and never settle for mediocrity. All of us can celebrate our personal ‘graduation’ because it is a celebration of victory.

Congratulation to the 2015 graduating class at the Elmore Stoutt High School!

Today is not the end but is the beginning of the destiny that God planned for your life, but only you can choose to achieve.



  1. Hi Beverley,

    Graduation is always a wonderful and joyful occasion. Congratulations on your son’s graduation. Destiny awaits him and as you said, only he can choose to achieve.Blessings upon him and your family.

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  2. Hi Beverley,
    What a timely message!
    I could very well relate to this post
    since my younger son Matt too
    completed his high school level
    last April and this month he joined
    in for his further college studies,
    yes, as you said they are not just
    entered into that level instead they are
    moving up from adolescence to adulthood!
    A very crucial stage in human life !
    Need more attention and more care,
    Let’s pray for your children who are in the
    growing level to reach or achieve a pleasant place
    before the Lord,
    Yes, as adults we can pick a great lesson from this:
    as you said and would like to quote again:

    “As adults, we should always aspire to move to a more advance level in our personal life.
    We can move from a place of complacency to one of productivity.”

    May His grace be upon your son and all other counterparts
    Our prayers
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful thought!
    Keep sharing
    Have a great week ahead ! 🙂
    ~ Philip

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  3. Hi Philip
    Give my regards to your son and I wish him all the best in his studies. College is a place where they will face many temptations and they will be basically more independent.
    They will also have to learn to make sensible decisions on their own and the have to learn self-control.
    As parents we cannot hold onto them we have to release them and allow them to stand on their own. We have to continue to pray for them and encourage them every step of the way.
    Thank you for your prayers and for sharing. God bless you.


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