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A Tribute to Arthur – A Friend and a Colleague

This week is a sad time for the entire staff at Peebles Hospital especially the staff of the Radiology Department. On Sunday, March 15, 2015, the beginning of the week we lost a dear friend and colleague – Arthur. He took his last breath and went home to his final rest.

I met Arthur (affectionately called Art) for the first time in 2006 when he began his employment at the Peebles Hospital. I was immediately drawn to him because of his meek and humble spirit. I believe that everyone who met him for the first time was attracted to him because of his unique spirit.

Art at work in the CT room.

Art at work in the CT room.

Art was loved by all who were privilege to know him. In whatever capacity that you know Art you will find that:

As a friend – He was closer than a brother.

As a colleague – He went far, above and beyond the call of duty to help in whatever possible way that he could.

As an acquaintance – He spread joy and laughter.

As a stranger – He gave a helping hand to anyone who fell by the wayside, and he poured in the oil and wine.

For those who knew him intimately – He was a ‘Beloved.’

Arthur was simply good to everyone who was fortunate to come in contact with him.

Though some people may believe that his work on earth was not completed, I honestly think that it was.

Due to Art’s admirable characteristics he left a great legacy behind him. It is a legacy filled with fun, laughter, humility, compassion, kindness, peace and love.

Art has passed on this legacy to all of us so do not allow his death to be in vain. Let us emulate his wonderful characteristics and just be good to each other.

In sorrowful times like this when one of our loved ones has passed away, we would like the entire world just to stand still for a moment in time to honor that person’s life.

However, if this should happen then the world would cease to spin forever because every single minute someone dies in this world.

Therefore even though we are sad, life must continue.

Art’s physical presence is no longer with us, but his spirit will forever be stamped in our hearts. I know for sure that he is resting, and he would like to tell us to be at peace.


In the darkest hour of our life;

When we faced the sting of death;

When we cannot understand


When life last breath is snatch away


And we are left confused, shock and angry

With everyone – even the Giver of life.


Who can we turn to for comfort?

Who can ease the iron clad pain that

Wrapped around our hearts.

No man can!

But God!

Because only God understands why.


Only He who creates can terminate.

He holds our lifespan in the palm of his hands.

He knows the ‘when’ and ‘how.’

We are only dust; but precious dust in his eyes,

And he cares.

So release your pain, release your fears;

Release your doubts and perplexities;

Release your confusion; release your troubles;



Release them all into God’s everlasting arms;

And receive!

Receive His love and His peace

For His peace surpasses all understanding and will guard

Your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus, our Lord. (Phil. 4:7)

Peace! Be still!

Doreen Wright (March 15, 2015)










Arthur relaxing

Arthur relaxing


We love you Arthur


  1. Art is filled with pure goodness. I know he is resting in the bosom of Abraham and he will be resurrected at the coming of Christ. We will continue to pray for each other so that God will give us strength to continue. God bless you both.


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