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Life more abundantly!


Do you feel stuck in your present circumstances?

Do you feel as if there is no way out?

Well, God is telling you right now that

He is pulling you out!



He will give you the desires of His heart.

Yes His desires will be yours

So ensure your desires are similar to His.


God’s desire for you is to give you love first and foremost.

His desire is to give you a second chance;

To heal and restore you.


God’s desire for you is to erase the past;

And to give you a future

And a special place in His kingdom.


God’s desire for you is to release you

From all your financial burden.

He will place His yolk upon you

Because His yolk is easy and His burden is light.


A new beginning God will give you,

A new future and a new life.

Take care that you do not allow the stench of the past

To corrupt your future.


For the dead cannot live among the living.

Your former life has passed away

And your present life is moving towards the dawn of the horizon.


“As sure as the night will turn into day;

So is my words to you;

And it will come to pass in your life.” Said the Lord

The Lord gave me this prophetic word on November 7th, 2011 when I was going through the problems of separation. The devil tried to accuse me of my past and tried ti steal my joy.

The devil came to steal, kill and destroy but Christ came that we might have life. I disovered abundant life in Christ and He wants to give you this life also.

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