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Follow Your Dream

Recently I have been inspired by an article written by a fellow Blogger – NoemiFairy entitled:  Follow our calling. She said in her post that everyone has a calling and even though you may struggle to achieve it you cannot give up because if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Those are great words of encouragements that I received gratefully.

About four years ago the Lord restored my talent and showed me the plan that He has for my life. Since then I have been dreaming about my destiny and praying that it will come to pass quickly. But it ‘s hard to pursue a dream when you have to live in a reality of bills and expenses.

The career that I worked so hard to achieve is no longer my passion. It has now become a mere means to obtain a salary to pay my bills. My dream is big, so it appeared unreachable in the natural, and waiting for its fruition is almost unbearable. But God wants me to wait on Him to bring my dream to pass.

During the interim, there will be many tests to teach me humility and patience. I have learned during this process that the greater your destiny, the more difficult your trials will be. Your ultimate characteristics will determine the final results. Have you become more mature and humble in your thoughts and attitude as a result of your trials or have you developed a whining and resentful personality?

The story of Joseph in Genesis 37 – 46 gave us a perfect example to pattern. Joseph was a teenager when he had his first dream of his future destiny. Joseph’ father spoiled him, and he was also a tattletale. But in spite of his imperfections God had a great plan for his life which He showed him in a dream twice.

Before Joseph’s dreams fulfilled he had to endure fiery trials to refine his personality. He was hated and betrayed by his brothers who mistreated him and almost killed him.  God allowed his elder brother to intervene mercifully, and they decided to sell him into slavery instead of taking his life. While laboring in his master’s house, Joseph was falsely accused of rape and thrown into prison.

Joseph was ridiculed, abused, degraded, deceived, imprisoned and forsaken. Those were severe persecutions for anyone to endure. So how could this young man withstand those trials without crumbling in despair?

The answer to the above question is: God

In spite of the ordeal that Joseph endured he remained faithful to God and the Lord showed him favor and prospered him. He prospered in slavery, and his master respected him (Genesis 39:1-6). Even in prison, God gave him favor and prosperity (success). (Genesis 39:21-23)

The Lord removed the vehemence from his trials and gave him peace and kindness so that he flourished instead of diminished. Only the Lord God Almighty can turn the evil into good.

The key to the lesson is that while you wait on the Lord to fulfill your dreams, rest in his presence and He will sustain you. Your dream is a vision of your true purpose in life. You cannot afford to give up.


  1. Lovely inspiration. I can identify with the fact that waiting is not easy. I am also at that place and sometimes it brings tears to my eyes because it seems like everyone else is going ahead of me.

    But can a man contend with God or wait patiently on him? It’s better to wait. Be encouraged for ghey that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and they shall mount up with wkngs like an eagle.

    Have a great weekend.

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    • Hello Yvonne, I totally agreed with you that when you wait in the presence of God he will renew your strength and so I dwell daily in his temple.

      I learned that it is not wise to look at the natural because you will become depress so I focus on the spirit. Believe me you are way ahead of all others because God said you are the head and not the tail. Thank you Lord. Stay bless.


  2. Thank you for mentioning my blog in your post, I really appreciate it!
    I recently read that it is more important who you are becoming on your journey than what you are actually doing. If you are patient and you learn your lessons, you will eventually get where you want to be. Stay blessed!

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    • Hi NoemiFairy, It has been a pleasure to refer to your post because I was truly blessed by it. I love all you posts because they are very inspirational. Continue to keep up the good work.

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