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Receive The Characteristics Of A Child.

Children are precious and are unique in their own way. They have a pure and sincere heart, and so their lives are a praise to God. Consequently, the Lord Jesus instructed us to pattern the characteristics of a child to inherit the Kingdom of God.children-63175_640

Thus, for the entire month of September, we examined the unique features of children and tried to incorporate them into our lifestyle.

It is imperative that parents start their children on the right path of Knowledge through education. While we teach them, we can also learn from them.

Adults need to release the tensions and pressures of life and return to the simplicity of our childhood. Similar to the way in which children depend on their parents, so it is that adults need to give their life totally to God and be fully covered.

It is believed that laughter is the best medicine and children are happy and fun to be around. They also have a thirst for knowledge and are curious about their environment. Our children also receive the spirit of discernment from God. Hence, they are good judges of character.

The enemy planted a spiritual stronghold over each country, and the residents need to identify and eradicate them from their lives so that they do not affect their kids.

It is important that we do not allow the enemy to corrupt the inherent wisdom of our children. They are special, and we need to teach them how to embrace their uniqueness.

We all can achieve success by a total reliance on God and living by faith. These are the hallmark of children who live freely and are not burdened by the weight of the world.

Bear with me a while longer as I emphasized that children are energetic and lively. When they know you, they can be a friend forever because their love is pure and genuine. As a result, when they speak their words are powerful and reach the heart of God.

Children are faithful, and when they are convicted of their sins, they give their heart to Lord immediately.

It is important that parents continue to bond with their children especially during the teenage years when they can be easily led astray.

Develop this bond through love and communication and not with money or materialistic things.

Children must also be protected so that they can sleep safely and be warm and comfortable.


Rise up to the challenge and be a mentor to a child because their special gifts must be developed to lead them on the pathway to success.

Every new believer desires the sincere milk of the word similar to a baby so that they can grow in faith and knowledge. Your strength also begins on your knees and will build your relationship with the Lord.

Eventually, as you graduate to solid food, you will be able to stand against the enemy, and you will be able to run the race to the finishing line. You can only win if you train consistently to avoid disqualification.

A child persistence when he asks for anything will always receive what he needs. You will also receive from the Lord when you seek Him with a humble heart.

Let us, therefore, walk in love and be tolerant of each other. Multiple blessings are awaiting when you remain in the Lord.

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