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Was There A Crucifixion And Resurrection? Part Three

This post is a continuation of part one and two.

It will further explain why the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ were necessary.

Part one and two showed us that God is intolerable of sin and when the inquiries of men have reached a certain level God immediately intervened to put a stop to it.

Sin continued to reign on earth and so it became necessary that God prepared a Saviour to cleanse the earth of sin once and for all of us.

The inequities of men in this present dispensation are not less than in biblical days yet God does not reign fire and brimstone on the guilty.

Is it because the righteous people in this world are preventing God from reacting to sins as He did before Christ’s birth?

The Bible tells us that our righteousness is as filthy rags in the sight of God (Isaiah 64:6).

Therefore, we can throw out that option.

There is something that is preventing God from pouring out His wrath on sinful man.

It is the blood of Jesus Christ!

It is interesting to note that blood was used to mark the doorposts of all the Israelites homes so that the death angel pass over their homes ( Exodus 12 ).

This story was typical of the Messiah’s shed blood that would cleanse our sins and covered us from God’s consuming wrath.

Altars of Incense and Burnt-Offering and the Laver of the Tabernacle (Holman Bible, 1890). Image courtsey of

Altars of Incense and Burnt-Offering and the Laver of the Tabernacle (Holman Bible, 1890). Image courtesy of

During the Old Testament period, the sins of the children of Israel could only be atoned by sacrificing a clean animal.

The sacrifice was done once per year by the priest. Christ’s death and resurrection was the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of humanity.

Hence, the priests no longer need to make atonement for our sins with the blood of an animal.

If Christ had not died and risen from the dead the sacrifice of animals would be necessary to receive forgiveness of our sins.

The Lord Jesus Christ is now seated at the right hand of God making intercession for us (Romans 8:34).

Even though the sins of humanity are still great upon the earth, Christ stands between us and God to remind the Father that He had already taken care of our sins.

The death and resurrection of Christ brought grace to humans.

Grace is the favor and mercy of God to us even though we do not deserve it because of our sinful life.

The Terrorists deserve to be killed instantly as a result of their atrocious crimes against humanity, but Christ’s blood intercedes for them.

However, if they do not repent, they will be punished in hell.

The death and resurrection of Christ give us hope for an abundant life both physically and spiritually. (John 10:10).

Featured Image -- 1414

 The fact still stands and will continue to withstand the test of time; it is as a direct result of Christ’s death and resurrection that we are alive in spite of our sins.

Occasionally the Lord will send us multiple warnings on earth such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods to remind us of our fragility and that we need Him to survive.

But when we cry out to God He will hear us and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Some people are like Thomas who will not believe unless they have physical proof of the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But, the only true evidence is the written Word of God.

Only a wicked and adulterous generation seeks after signs but no sign will be given except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For as Jonah stayed three days and three nights in the belly of a great fish, so will the son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.’ (Matthew 12:38-40; 16:4; Jonah 1:16-17).

 Therefore, if you are one of those people who cannot believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ unless you receive some physical signs in the form of old relics and artifacts, I am imploring you not to waste your time because no other physical signs exist.

In fact, except for the Bible, we do not need any other proof because it is by faith that we believe that Christ died and rose from the dead.

It is by faith that we believe that He lives in our hearts in the form of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 2:16; Ephesians 2:8, 3:14-19).

Our worship to God must, therefore, be in spirit and truth from a sincere heart and not through the physical or outward appearance (John 4:23-24).

When Christ dwells in your heart He will speak to you, and when you obey Him and apply His words to your life, you will receive the miraculous power of His death and resurrection manifested in your life.

My entire life story from my birth to present and the fact that I am alive and in my right mind in spite of all my trials are a living testimony of the resurrected working power of Christ in my life.

I proved the existence of God in my life. I obeyed the directions of the Holy Spirit in my heart, and I practiced the word of God, and He has transformed me into the oil and wine

It is through your obedience to God that He will elevate you to your true potential.

You do not need to wait for physical proof that God exist.

You only need to receive Christ in your heart and experience the resurrected power of God in your life.



  1. Faith. Unseen. Invisible. Intangible. Unexplainable.
    The Lord promises, among MANY other things….a sound mind to those who love Him.
    Like you…I would have crumbled into a world of madness if not for His strength….protecting me throughout the unusual crises that have dotted my life. (No one understands why I am not bitter, nor glum….yet…they circle, warily…for they do not want to hear. Yet.)
    When they are ready to hear…the right words will come, at the right moment in time…with the help of the Holy Spirit.
    Gentle, salty words.
    As you said….belief in the Resurrected Christ Jesus as the Son of the Living God, through faith the beginning of a supernatural existence surrounding the rest of our eternal lives. (We all have eternal lives….but those of us who believe…get to spend that eternity with The Lord, who is…God!)


  2. Hi Louise,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your support. As you said only God can remove the bitterness and gloominess from our hearst so that in spite of the trials that we have been through we can still smile and be pleasant.
    I am sure that on day God will release you fully to share your testimony with the world until then keep holding on to the Lord and he will keep and strengthen you.


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