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The Secret of Being A Successful Woman

Today is the conclusion of an exciting month where we have received many blessings from the Lord. When it is good, we do it twice so follow the link as you read so that you can re-visit the posts.

Women, we celebrate you because you are indeed a Man’ of power and authority. You are the giver of life and because of you, all humans were born. You improve the lives of everyone that you encounter. There is nothing too hard for the Lord and irrespective of your circumstances you are appointed to life.

God will not forsake you because you are exceedingly blessed. Therefore, escape from the past life of sins and do not look back. Do not believe that you are second best because you are a mother of ten thousand and thousands and you are God’s beloved.beautiful-1274361_640

The Lord said that He will comfort you in your time of need, and He will unite you in Christ.

Sometimes you feel stuck in your situation, wandering around the same mountain of problems with no end in view. The Lord wants you to know that in your weakness He will give you strength so that you can escape to a higher place in Him.

Always endeavor to walk circumspectly not as fools but as wise redeeming the time. When you are obedient to God He will shelter you in His Ark so that you will be fully protected from the enemy.

God wants the best for you which He will provide when the time is right.

It is not God’s desire for you to be alone without a companion, so He is carefully preparing a husband for you. He will be your keeper and an effective armor bearer, likewise you to him.

The Lord has appointed you to be compassionate, filled with mercy and to be an example to your children. The Lord has granted you tremendous favor, and no devil can stand in your way because the Spirit of God lives in your heart.

Your song of praise will prophesy victory into your life. God has adorned you with His glory to become a standard among others. Even in your businesses or place of employment, God wants you to be fair and lead with equity. girl-1352914_640

Consecrate yourself and get ready to cross over Jordan. Although there are giants in the land, the Lord will go before you as a consuming fire to destroy the giants and deliver the land into your hands. He will never forsake you as you settle and find rest in the Promise Land.

In the Promise Land, you will eat the luscious fruits of the land and tithe before the Lord. You will no longer yearn for the past  life in Egypt because you will live in houses that you did not build, vineyards you did not plant, your marriage  will be successful, and there will not be anyone barren among you.

As you continue to love and obey the Lord with all your heart, He will set you high above all nations of the earth. All of the blessings that the Lord has promised you will suddenly come upon you and overtake you.

You will have total REST from all your trials.


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