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God Will Give You Comfort In Your Time Of Need

The Bible described Leah as having tender eyes which could mean an eye defect, e.g., cross eye. I believe She was as beautiful as her sister Rachel, but Rachel did not have any blemish, so she was considered more beautiful. (Genesis 29)

Jacob showed more affection to Leah’s sister than her. Consequently, God opened her womb, and she immediately became pregnant and had a baby boy who she named Rueben. Three other male children followed him.

The birth of the first three boys described the ache in her heart as a result of her loveless marriage. When her first bouncing baby boy was born, she exclaimed

“The Lord has surely looked on my affliction. Now, therefore, my husband will love me.” (Genesis 29:32).

Leah’s name means ruler which implies that she was strong, courageous and a leader.

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