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Our Citizenship

Many people are fighting over land. They are filled with greed, scratching and clawing to get their hands on a piece of dirt.

It matters to them very little that in the process of this rampage their hands are filthy with the grime of hatred and unforgiveness.

They are overly possessive; refusing to share; refusing to give. Their minds are consumed with land ownership and ‘belongership.’

Their hope is only in this life so their citizenship is beneath the dust of the earth.

But, the children of the King put not their hopes in earthly vessels for they look for a city whose builder and maker is God.

The children of the King lay not their treasures on this earth where moth and rust corrupt.

The children of the King is passing through this land.

They are moving forward to a home beyond the sky.

A home where the river of life flows and the tree of life blooms in all its glory.

The children of the King are moving forward.

We are not tarrying! We are not hoarding! We are not settling!

We are moving forward to a heavenly land where our citizenship is sealed and no man can revoke.


Where is your citizenship?



  1. Thanks Dawn…this reminds me of I post I wrote two years ago but did not post it.

    Because our citizenship is in heaven, we are strangers here. We are in the world, but we do not belong to the world. This is something that happens automatically. When we are visiting another country, we do not become a part of that country. We are still strangers, we are conscious of it, and so is everybody else. And you and I, as Christians, have become strangers in this world.

    I am a citizen of heaven and by God’s grace I shall be a good one as my behaviour is governed by heavens laws

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