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Beating The Same Drum For Unity

Editor’s note: Is it possible to have unity in the schools, churches and the society on whole? With all the competitiveness that occurs among people, one wonders if this is possible. However, one of my young writers believes that if we all beat the same drum together, we can achieve unity.

drum-2187_640The Elmore Stoutt High School has been producing their Annual Spring Concert. This is a successful event that the Music Department of the Elmore Stoutt High School puts on every year and is one that interests many persons including those with talent.

I attended the Spring Concert for the first time this year on the 28th of May, 2016, held at the Sir Bracliffe Hall. I also attended the Christmas Concert in December 2015. It was an awesome experience!

Do you think that persons should attend the Spring Concert regularly and become involve as well? Yes, I agree with this statement.

There are many reasons why I agree with it.

The Spring Concert promotes different important aspects of the students’ life and helps them to discover themselves and available talent that can be showcased.

Normally, the students who are a part of concerts have either done music before or have some sort of experiences. This show empowers persons to develop their talents and have a musical career in the future and be a role model for upcoming teenagers who have musical dreams like the current one’s today.

The concert encourages student artistic ability in singing, dancing, and acting and showcases the school in a positive light.

Elmore Stoutt High School Steel Pan. Image courtesy of BVI Platinum

Elmore Stoutt High School Steel Pan. Image courtesy of BVI Platinum

The music department allows a free choice of instruments for students to play that consist of steel pans, choir, band, and performances.

The children learn to play the instruments at school so the concert would be a method of encouraging them to be successful in their final music exams.

The teachers who are a part of this department sometimes play a parent role to many students who look up to them and have these amazing adults as their own role models.

They not only educate the students in music, but they teach them right from wrong, assist them in weak areas of school and life, and keep encouraging them always to pursue the best and never give up. These types of actions have played a huge role in the school and have become part of the students’ lives as well.

Secondly, at the concert that took place on the 28th of May, there was a little entertainment segment being played together by the past Minister of Education, Mr. Andrew Fahie, and the current education officer, Mr. Myron Walwyn. One of the steel pan directors gave them a huge drum to beat together.

Their performance showed some sort of symbolic actions indicating that the students and teachers want unity in the government to help the students.

Since the former education officer has given up his post, some persons felt that one Minister was better than the other or the actions taken by one wasn’t better than the other.

But I think that these two education officers have been working very hard to improve the schools in the BVI from the time that the former Minister of Education was appointed until now.

I believe that the Minister of Education has been working hand to hand with the principal and others to make sure that the students are well-educated, have goals to pursue and are ready for the working world.

The past Education Officer also worked with the music department to make the show an unforgettable one. He was the chairman of the concert and he surely kept the audience attentive and amused.

Even though he was the former education officer, he still accepted this role in the show, and I’m sure that he enjoyed himself. He is always willing to assist in vacant and needed areas in the education system.

Elmore Stoutt High School Music Dept. Image courtesy of ESHS/MD Facebook page

Elmore Stoutt High School Music Dept. Image courtesy of ESHS/MD Facebook page

Thirdly, the music department has been operating for quite a while and is still standing strong and successful. This department has existed since the 1970’s and with the tireless help of the directors and instructors over the years, they have consistently been able to give quality and inspiring music to the community for its students past, present, and (hopefully) for many decades to come.

According my research, some of the objectives that the music department wants to accomplish are: create a BVIHS/ESHS Music Alumni Association; Discuss the future of the department and how they can better serve the current students and community and the possibility of fundraising activities and/or donations to further the work of the department.

Benefits of the music department

The concert and music department is very beneficial to the school because it encourages students to choose a different field in school that they might be interested in. Students may learn better in this kind of atmosphere for the upcoming future.

Endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. (Ephesians 4:3)

Endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. (Ephesians 4:3)

The concert encourages unity in school so that students may socialize better with their peers, with their teachers, and for the teachers to socialize with each as well.

Without unity in the schools between teachers and students, what kind of school would we have? We know that it would more likely not be successful, and there would be chaos.

Some teachers have been contributing to the development of the music department and the concert as well, and they have been truly a great help.

The teachers should not only be the ones to take a step forward for unity through music but the parents, and the public should as well.

They should attend the school concerts more often and should support them throughout the year to make the field of music and the school on a whole a better and goal pursuing opportunity.

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