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Category: Marriage

Husband, Love Your Wife!

  The Lord designated the husband to be the priest of the family and He also called all men to be kings and priests unto Him through Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:5-6).

Lead Your Family Into Success!

The month of June is dedicated to the men. The Lord appointed the man to be the priest of his household. This job incorporates a lot of responsibilities.

Unraveling The Myth Of Soul Ties/Mate

Recently I heard an evangelist on television talking about soul ties. I was not familiar with the term, so I decided to google it. A number of articles are written […]

One God, One Love!

“The love of God is greater far than tongue or pen can ever tell. It goes beyond the highest star and reaches to the lowest hell. The guilty pair, bowed […]

Deadly Influence!

You may be wondering why the title of this post has a negative connotation which is contrary to the usual titles of my articles. There is a good reason for […]

Finding Love in the Right Place!

Have you been searching for love? Are you tired of failed relationships? Do you want to experience the thrill of real love? Would you like to find a good man […]

Are You a Beggar of Love?

One day I was in a department store purchasing a few items. Many people were also shopping for Christmas and among them was a lady with her husband. They had […]

For the Sake of Your Children

Make the right decision! But what is the right decision? Do you stay in an abusive relationship for the sake of the children or do you separate for the sake […]

My Love

When I look at you, The whole world falls apart. When I think of you, My entire body quivers with ecstasy.

A Song for My Beloved

Like an apple tree among the trees of the woods, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down in his shade with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste. I sleep, but […]

Love is in The Air

After the Lord had created the animals, He took them to Adam to give each of them a name. In other words, Adam gave the animals their identity. I believe […]

I Am In Love With My Wedding Ring

“You are not completely dress Suzy!” Mark informed Suzy as she slid into the passenger side of the car beside her husband. The children were tucked securely inside their appropriate […]

Death Lies at Your Door

John came home after a hard day at work drained and grumpy; he was in no mood for small conversation from his talkative wife who spend her entire day at […]

I am Searching for a Man!

I am searching for a man to hold me tenderly; to whisper sweet endearments in my ears; to cuddle and caress me but above all I want a man who […]

Wake up! You are under attack!

Wake up from your sleep! Get up from your slumber and complacency! You are under attack! The enemy has declared war against you! He has surrounded your homes, your children, […]