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Should Teens Date?

Sometimes there are moments in life that teens want to know how it feels to be committed. Many teenagers are interested in forming a relationship with the opposite sex, one that is meaningful. So what should parents know about dating? Is dating right, wrong or a part of life?

Some parents believe that dating should start when a child is out of college and more mature, but like everything in life, I think that it should start earlier. Would you tell your child that he or she has to wait until he or she has graduated from college to learn about managing money, budgeting and purchasing a car or a house? No. Why? Because at that time it would be too late.

They would have to learn the hard way. If they had the habit of spending all the time in high school and college,they would continue to spend throughout their adult life. Yes, budgeting and thinking money is a huge responsibility for a teen, especially when they have to think about school. After all a parent should think about that, but if a teen cannot learn about responsibility now while learning from their parents, they would learn the hard way.

Here is a next scenario. Successful women who are career focused cannot find a partner or have a hard time dating. Why? Because these same ‘career focused’ women, were also focused on education in their former years and was not interested in dating. Of course we understand the reasons why parents would be concerned that their daughters are dating in high school. Peer pressure, teenage pregnancy and immature young boys who take advantage of their little girls, but parents may allow their daughters to begin dating in college.

Studies show that at college age, teens are more mature and are more responsible. In high school, parents should focus on teaching their sons and daughters about the negative effects of teen pregnancyand pre-marital sex, what to look for in a partner, and how to handle situations such as break up. At this time they are learning the theory and is not ready for dating. But as soon as they graduate, although we are not encouraging them to spend their college years looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, we are sure that if they ever do start dating, they are well-equipped and can apply what they have learned.

Learning how to balance a relationship and school can help for her to balance family life and job. If you refuse your children to have a ‘monitored’ experience now, then you would be in for a shock when they begin their adult life. The majority of teen pregnancies, abuse, and infidelity in relationships occur when parents are too strict and so their children become rebellious, or parents do not have in interest in their child’s life and so children become care-free. Be interested in your child’s life, teach them about dating and allow them to be trusted. Adult women and men that have successful relationships today have begun dating in college, have maintained good grades and had parents who looked out for them.


  1. This post was written by my daughter. She is fifteen years old and she has strong views about dating which she shared with you. I personally believe that teenagers should wait until they have received their professional career before they begin dating. However, after reading this article I am a little more understanding to her desire to date in college.

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  2. Dear Zezë, I do understand your situational view.

    The truth is that, this institution called marriage is strictly for matured minds. I know that what your post is about is ‘dating’ and not ‘marriage.’ The stark reality is that this dating is the precursor to an eventual conjugality.

    Male/female relationship is unconsciously made to be fed or fueled by the emotionalism of erratic carnality. If you think a teenager can handle this thing that involves the captivation of a heart -that of immaturity- you are, probably, thinking of the resultant mellifluousness that accompanies opposite-sexes-intimacy.

    The reason I teach my children never to seek an intimate relationship with an opposite sex, before they are truly ready for marriage, is simply this. The enemy of humanity will do everything to introduce this friendship. Weeks or just days into the relationship, a deployment of diverse demons will put strong, irresistible pleasurable ideas. The dark angels of Satanism know exactly what nerve-button to press to make humans succumb. Before you know what is happening, the taboo has been ignited and has taken its ignominious toll.

    We live in a world of sexual immorality. Fornication is too easy a sinful commission. When the demonic urge surges in the carnality of Adam, especially between teens, believed to be most sexually active, the dissension of your Godly Mum and the disapproval of the strictness of Dad will be absent. You will, ergo, want to believe that it’s okay -what the LORD God absolutely objects to.

    Teens should face their studies squarely. Obtain all the academical distinctions; understand all the secrets of the career; and be ready to contribute meaningfully to the society.

    About thrice my daughter still would like to know when she’s ripe enough to walk the path of dating. The answer had always been the same, “Wait till you are ready for marriage.” I do not speak harshly at my children concerning this issue. All I know is that, Lucifer, the sworn enemy of God’s children, will do everything to put us to shame.

    Sarah, Rebecca, Mary and many other women of Jesus learned to run the home while on the marital journey. When we get to the river, I believe very strongly, the crossing solution will be revealed. Is the Holy Spirit, our Mentor, Counsellor and God, not with us again? Marriage is about Jesus, never of our emotionalism!

    Thanks for this post. God willing I’ll try to do something like this to furnish our youngsters. It’s well with our young ones. Amen.


    • Hey, I authored this post several years ago, and I’m quite surprised that it has gained an audience.
      I don’t understand any of the religious linguistics that you are using. This post is dealing with conversations parents should have with teens. It has nothing to do with pre-marital sex or religion.

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      • I do understand that, it’s about dating. Dating, for young teens, can be tampered by the enemy. That’s all I’m trying to point out. Thanks.


  3. Hey, I authored this post several years ago, and I’m quite surprised that it has gained an audience.
    I don’t understand any of the religious linguistics that you are using. This post is dealing with conversations parents should have with teens. It has nothing to do with pre-marital sex or religion.


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