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I Have Written Your Name

What has God written about you?

The Lord wrote a book about you from before the foundation of the earth.

Before you were conceived in your mother’s womb God knew you and He gave you a name.

He wrote your name in the palm of His hands.

The Lord wrote that you are above and not beneath. You are the head and not the tail.

God wrote on His palms that you are special and you are the apple of His eyes.

Above all, the Lord wrote some love verses on His palms dedicated to you and only you.

He wrote that He loves you in spite of your flaws, in spite of your failures, in spite of your pain.

The Lord wrote in the palm of His hands that sickness will not be your portion.

So, arise and be healed!

In the palm of God’s hands are the plans that He has for you.

He chartered a destiny for you.

There is a book written in the palm of God’s hands.

And your name is the title of this book.

The author is God Almighty.

Would you like to read this book?

He is offering you this book free of charge. It is yours without delay.

Only you have the key to this book.

Only you can open this book to reveal the amazing story of your life.

References: Deuteronomy 28; Psalms 17:8

This book is yours! Take it!



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