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Inside A Little Girl’s Heart



Four-year-old Brianna was at the pediatrician for a check up.

When the doctor looked in her ears, he asked, “Do you think I’ll find big bird in here?” Brianna only giggled.

Source: @boomunderground/Giphy

Next, the doctor took a tongue depressor and looked down her throat. This time he asked, “Do you think I’ll find the Cookie Monster down there?” Brianna giggled again.

Source: Sesame Street @sesamestreet/Giphy

Then the doctor put a stethoscope to her chest. As he listened to her heartbeat, he asked, “do you think I’ll hear Barney in there?”

Source: educamps


“Oh, no!” Brianna replied. “Jesus is in my heart. Barney is on my underpants.”

Source: The World’s Greatest Collection of Church Jokes Compiled and Edited by Paul M. Miller.



      • Thank you Beverley, you do have a bless weekend too. I am a product of that too. My mother use to be sick very often and one Saturday when I was 3 years old I went on the bed and lay hands on her and said”The prayer of faith shall save the sick and the lord shall raise them up, mommy take up thy bed and walk” immediately she got better. Growing up I try not to talk about it but when I got save I mentioned it to her and I was surprised that she took note of it and could give me more detail of what happened. I taught I was four but she said I was three plus at the time.
        A child will learn something at Sunday School and it will manifest one day.

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      • God bless you. When I was growing up I try to avoid thinking or talking about it until salvation. I give God thanks for this.

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