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I Shall See Him!

Have you ever wondered why when we celebrate the birth of Christ we see him as a baby and not a grown man? During the Christmas season both adults and children would reenact the scene in the stable. The baby Jesus would be wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger or Mary would be rocking the baby to sleep while Joseph stood by dotingly.

There would be three wise men bowing before the baby while offering him gifts; and the shepherds would lean on their staffs watching this memorable scene. We can’t forget the other animals who were also present in the stable. In the background the angels sing, “Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace good will to all men.”

The Nativity Scene

The Nativity Scene

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this scene but with so much emphasis placed on the baby Jesus we tend to lose sight of the reason for Christ birth. We waited for another three to four months for the Easter season to celebrate the real reason for the Christmas season.

None of us celebrate our birthdays by exhibiting our baby pictures. Neither do we reenact or demonstrate how our mother labored painfully to give birth to us. On our birthday we celebrate our lives, our accomplishments and our success. We also looked forward to many more years of success and prosperity.

So during this Christmas season while you watch the nativity scene on television or at your church or school concerts, focus on the life of Christ, his accomplishments, his victory over the enemy and the future home he is preparing for us.

Therefore do not visualize Christ as a baby; do not visualize him as a mere man. See him as God in all his glory when he rose triumphantly from the grave in victory. See him as he ascended to the Father in heaven with his own blood to make atonement for our sins.


See him as the Holy Spirit as he returned to earth to dwell in our heart. See him as he will be riding on the great white stallion as King of kings and Lord of lords to take his bride home.

See him as Lord of your life!

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