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My Christmas Gifts To You!

One of the hallmarks of the Christmas season is giving gifts. People exchange gifts at work, church or home to honor the occasion; while others ensure that they give to the poor and needy in their community.

At the birth of Christ, wise men followed a particular star to find Him. When they found Him, they gave the young child three different type of gifts as a form of respect and honor of His royalty. They gave Him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Even though they presented three types of gift to Jesus, the Bible did not specify that there were only three wise men. I believe it was a large group of wise men who brought the new King an abundance of three different types of gifts.

They did not give Him a nugget of gold but a large quantity of this precious metal. In those days, it was traditional that when a ruler of a nation visited another emperor he would bring massive amounts of gifts for him. For example when the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon she brought with her a lot of gifts for him. She brought a great retinue (entourage) consisting of camels with spices, gold in abundance and precious stones. (1 Kings 10:2)

Gold bars. Image courtesy of pixabay

Gold bars. Image courtesy of pixabay

Gold is a precious metal and it symbolized the purity of this new king and His royal status. It was also an investment to ensure that He would have a secure and prosperous future. Many parents set up a trust fund for their children to ensure that they would have a good foundation.

So even though Jesus lived in a poor community called Nazareth He was prosperous because of the inheritance that He received from the wise men. The gifts gave Him and His family financial stability throughout His life and during His ministry on earth.

I believe that before He began His ministry He gave away some or all of His wealth to the poor. During Christ’s journey, a young man came to Him to ask how he could receive eternal life. He had kept all the commandments, but his wealth was a stumbling block, so the Lord lovingly told him,

Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him, and said to him, “One thing you lack: Go your way, sell whatever you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, take up the cross, and follow Me.” (Mark 10:21)

Unfortunately, the young man refused to give up his wealth and went away sadly. His money had become his bondage. The Lord Jesus Christ released Himself from the bondage of material possessions so that He could accomplish his mission on the cross. In return, He gained all power and authority from the Father.

Frankincense is an aromatic resin that is burned in a religious ceremony. The Israelites’ priests used it along with other spices to make a compound of incense to burn during their rituals in the temple (Exodus 30:34-38).

Frankincense. Image courtesy of

Frankincense. Image courtesy of

The priest would burn this incense every morning on the altar and when he lights the lamp at twilight. The burning of the incense was continual before the Lord.

Aaron also made atonement upon the horns of the altar of incense once per year with the blood of the sin offering of atonement. He performed these functions throughout the generation of the people. (Exodus 30:7-10).

Hence, incense was given to Jesus as a symbol of his divine status. He is our ultimate High Priest, who made atonement for the sins of the world with His blood. The incense also symbolized our prayers to God (Revelation 5:8).

Myrrh is also another aromatic resin, but it was mostly used in Israel as one of the ingredients to make the holy anointing oil in the tabernacle. The oil was used to anoint the Ark of the Covenant, the table and all it utensils, the lampstand and its utensils, the laver and its basin. It was also used to anoint Aaron and his sons to consecrate them so that they could minister as priests before the Lord. (Exodus 30:22-30).

Myrrh resin/ Image courtesy of

Myrrh resin/ Image courtesy of

Myrrh was given to Jesus to symbolize His anointing as our High Priest, and it also symbolized the Holy Spirit, which anoints us with wisdom and power from God.

These gifts were symbolically given to royalty and prominent individuals in those days.

Thus, the Lord is also presenting to you these three gifts during the Christmas season and the New Year.

I, therefore, present to you:

  • A large chest filled with pure gold: – A holy and righteous life in God; Success and prosperity every day of your life; Honor and integrity.
Treasure chest of gold/ Image courtesy of pixabay

Treasure chest of gold/ Image courtesy of pixabay

  • Frankincense: – I offer up to God a continual sweet smelling incense of prayers for you and your family. I pray that your body, spirit, and soul will be healed and free from all ailments and diseases. I pray that you will receive the spirit of wisdom and revelation from God that you might know Him intimately.

I pray that you will receive strength and guidance from the Lord, and you will dwell in His house all the days of your life. I pray that the favor and grace of God will flow upon you so that you will be bonded in love and unity; and the fruits of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior will overflow your being.

A prayer for you/ Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici Freedigitalphotos

A prayer for you/ Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici

I declare to you all things that are good and excellent; and that no weapon that formed against you will prosper.

Give thanks and praise to God always; receive and obey His words so that you will grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

  • Myrrh: – The anointing of the Holy Spirit, which the Lord will pour upon you when you receive Him as your Lord and Savior.

Let me also take this opportunity to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude to you for your support throughout the past year and I look forward to your continual support in the years to come. May you have a blessed and holy Christmas and a joyous and prosperous New Year. Thank You!

Additional References: Matthew 2:11; Exodus 37:29; Revelation 8:3-4; Ephesians 6:18; Ephesians 3; Psalms 23; Philippians 1:9-11; 1 kings 10; 2 Chronicles 9; Revelation 1:5; Hebrews 9; 13

You are Special!                                  

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