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The Best Excuse For Not Attending Church

Pastor John stood at the door after a vibrant Easter services to greet the congregants.

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He shook hands with a gentleman who seldomly attend church. To the Pastor’s amazement the man complimented him about the sermon and how much he enjoyed it.

Faced with such evidence of graciousness, Pastor John asked why he didn’t come to church more often.

“I’m just following the Lord’s example,” he said. “If Christ can rise up early only one Sunday a year, that’s good enough for me, too!”

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  1. Love this. As a pastor, my husband was used to all the excuses people would give for missing church. He suggested rather than try to come up with something, they could just say they were out of peanut butter. That made as much sense as many of the excuses he heard. Thanks for the laugh.

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    • Indeed many of the excuses are so lame. The most popular one is, “too much hypocrites in the church.” Glad this post brings back pleasant memories to you. 🙂


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