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While You Are Young

Seek the Lord while you are young

graduation-819762_640While you are young remember your Creator.

Seek Him before your eyes dim and you lack vision.

Celebrate the blessings of the Lord before the sun, moon, and stars become dark.


While you are young, enjoy the labor of your hands.

Rest in the Lord before your hands and knees weakened.

Sing joyfully unto the Lord and dance with all your might,

Before your ears deafened to the music of nature.


Explore your youth and find the path to your destiny

Before the almond tree blossoms,

And before the terror of God’s judgment.


While you are young, love yourself!

Appreciate that you are the image and likeness of God.

Care for yourself before the silver cord snap and you return to the dust.

Enjoy, celebrate, sing, dance, explore, love, and live abundantly.

You will receive them all

When you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Ecclesiastes 12: 1-8; Jeremiah 1:11-14: Matthew 6:33



  1. I wish I had followed the Lord more closely in my younger days. It’s unfortunate the enemy is working overtime to destroy the young generation. We must pray diligently for the young people. Great post! ❤️

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    • I was saved when I was 12 years old but it was not until I was in my 40’s that I developed a closer relationship with God. I thank God for His patience with me. We definitely need to pray for our youths. Thanks 😊 for sharing

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  2. This is Beautiful Advice to Young People!!🎯Establish and build a relationship with the Lord, Now- while you’re yet young and hide His word in your heart to protect and defend when you’re old. Thanks for Sharing This Beverley💕

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