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The Sunshine Blogger Award #9

A few weeks ago Mrs. Holliman from God’s Courage nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award and more recently she tagged me in the Back to School Tag created by Jesusluvsall blog.

I appreciate Mrs. Holliman for always encouraging me with these awards.

She is a young woman of God who is fully committed to Him. The evidence is noted in her blog so please visit and enjoy.

The 11 Questions from Mrs. Holliman

  1. What is one of your funniest time of the summer?

Going on vacation and being with friends and family.

2. How do you like your ice cream? Plain or Toppings?


3. What are your favorite gospel songs?

At the moment I like What a wonderful name it is, the name of Jesus Christ.

4. Do you like to go ice skating or riding a bike?

I cannot do any of the above.

5. What is your favorite food to eat during summertime?

Salad and cool drinks

6. What is your favorite book to read?

The Bible

7. What dream place would you really enjoy visiting?


8. Do you have any pets? If so, What kind?

Yes. two cats

9. What does Christ mean to you?

He is my life.

10. What encourages you to keep writing?

My obedience to God.

11. Where is your favorite place to go to for vacation?

Jamaica, my home country.

Jamaica Dunn’s River Falls

I Want to spread the sunshine to all my blogging friends and nominate anyone who wants to participate.

Thank you for reading and God bless you.


  1. “I Want to spread the sunshine to all my blogging friends and nominate anyone who wants to participate.”
    This IS what you do. Spread light and love.
    I have been to beautiful Jamaica.
    Thank you for being you Beverly.

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