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The Cross

The Altar of Perpetual Blessings

Jesus bore it all for love.

He bore the shame, the pain, the agony and the sting of death so the we will live eternally.


In sickness we can look at the cross and remember that He absorbed all our pain.

In weakness we can look to the cross, which reminds us that He bore our shame.

Feeling rejected?

Look to the cross knowing that at the cross He was rejected but because of the cross He was glorified.

In persecution, look to the cross where He was crushed and pierced

So that we can be at peace.

In sorrow, look to the cross where He conquered the sting of death so that we can live in full assurance.

The cross fulfilled all the laws and prophets and ushered in a new covenant.

At the foot of the cross all our burdens we can deposit without feeling any remorse.

Because of the cross of Calvary we can live with new purpose.

The cross is an altar of perpetual blessings because Jesus Christ overcome the enemy.

He conquered death and hell to save a lost humanity.

Our sins are forgiven, our souls are redeemed and we are accepted in the beloved.

So, rejoice and be glad!

Walk boldly in your calling.

Your blessings are guaranteed when you remain steadfast in faith without falling.

April Reviews

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April has been a challenging month for many people all over the world.

In our Caribbean neighborhood, the volcanic eruption in St Vincent displaced a number of people. But with much prayer the volcano has quieted.

Let us continue to pray for each other. Pray for our families, friends, churches, communities, government and and countries.

Last but not least, pray for this awesome blogging community.

Prayer is a powerful weapon that can disrupt and conquer the forces of darkness and change your circumstances for better.

The resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ is potent. It is vital to our daily lives.

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