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Introducing A New Blogger

Today, I want to introduce you to my friend and sister in Christ, Susan Morgan. She also goes by the pen name Lilyofthevalley777.

Susan has recently created a blog entitled Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

Susan is a dynamic woman of God who shared the Word of God through her inspiring poems and prose. You can learn more about Susan here.

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Susan has a gracious and loving heart and enjoys reading blogs and encouraging others.

She also enjoys spending quality time with the Lord reading His Word and praying for others.

I met Susan several years ago when I just started blogging.

She was one of the first “non-blogging” viewers who visited my blog through search engine.

I noticed that every post that I wrote she had some encouraging comments and Bible verses.

I was so impressed with her writing style that I invited her to be a writer on my blog.

Since then she has written many inspiring poems which you can view here.

Please visit Susan’s blog and show her some love – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

I promise that you will be blessed.

Thank you!


  1. Thank you Beverley. I’m overwhelmed with your loving and kind words. I appreciate your encouragement and guidance through this new adventure. You’re a wonderful sister in Christ. Blessings to you on our upcoming Resurrection Day. โค๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•‡

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  2. I will visit and follow Susan’s blog.

    We share a few things in common.

    I also love to encourage others, encouraging others, spending quality time with the Lord reading His Word and praying for others.

    All these have become a part of my daily routine.

    Blessings to Susan and welcome to the blogging community

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  3. Yes it is. I was humbled and overwhelmed at the same time. Like I commented to Dawn, “A daunting challenge, but the Lord will see me through. Psalm 32:8.” Amen?

    A happy and blessed Resurrection Day to you and yours.

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