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The Strength Of The Branch

The functions of the branches

The branches are connected to the trunk of the tree.

The main purpose of the branches is to produce the leaves and fruits of the tree.

The branch will grow towards the sunlight even if it means that it has to grow sideways or in a crooked manner.

The leaves need sunlight for photosynthesis to remain alive and to bear fruits.

Three things affect the growth of the branches.

These are gravity, the force of the wind and neighboring trees competing to get the most sunlight. Thus, the branches have to find away to beat these negative factors to grow.

The branches contain built in mechanism that allows them to grow towards the sunlight while the roots grow towards the soil where they can get water. The branch need for sunlight is a greater attraction than gravity.

The structure of the branches are designed with strength and flexibility to withstand strong winds and rain.

Within a forest are many trees therefore the branches competes for sunlight. The branch that grow the tallest and widest will get the most sunlight.

It is quite evident why Jesus likened us to the branches.

As Christians we need the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to grow. Our roots need the living water of the Holy Spirit to anchor our faith firmly in God.

The Word of God is like the sunlight that we need to grow and produce fruits.

However, there are factors around us that prevent us from spending time in the Word.

These include the cares of the world which competes for our time, Satan and his evil spirits that try to snatch the Word from our hearts and trials and tribulation. (See Matthew 13)

God has designed us with the ability through Jesus Christ to overcome the negative forces. Thus, it become imperative that we remain connected to the vine.

The branch must be attached to the vine to prosper. Otherwise it will wither and die.

For additional information about the trees and branches read: Agroforestry.



  1. Wow! This post is such a great confirmation for me sis as the Lord has me working on something similar. Thank you for breaking it down for us and showing us that the branch is willing to go where the “Son” is. ☺️

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