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Pray More Worry Less

I often heard people said that as you get older you tend to worry more.

Well, it seems as if that statement is true because the older I get the worrier I become.

I worry about my children especially my son.

Will he ever become independent and able to take care of himself? Will he achieve his dreams of becoming a pilot?

Will my children give their hearts totally to God?

I know for sure that if they trust in the Lord as much as I do then I would worry about them less.

Yesterday was one of those days when I found myself worrying a lot.

Then the Lord said to me, “Bev, you worry more because you are not praying more.”


Then, I remembered wrting a post on that same topic.

So I decided to read it again. Three unneccessary things to worry about.

How can I encourage others not to worry when I am no different?

How can I encourage others to pray more when my prayer life is not up to standard?

Have you ever heard the statement, practice what you preach?

Sometimes it is good to admonish yourself in the Lord. 🙂

Why is praying better than worrying?

Praying changes things while worrying leaves things unchange.

Praying strenthen and revitalize you both physically and spiritually while worrying drains you mentally and leads to stress related diseases.

Praying boost your faith and confidence in God while worrying increases your doubts and depletes your faith.

Praying is direct communication with God while worrying is withrawing yourself into a world of self pity.

Praying is a weapon to defeat the enemy while worrying is surrendering to the enemy.

Praying brings joy to your heart while worrying increases anxiety and sadness.

Praying is powerful while worrying is cowardly.

Praying is…

Wow! What more can I say?

I will leave the rest to you my friends.

Finish the sentence.

Praying is……..
While worrying is……

Thank you and may God bless you. I trust that you have overcome the spirit of worrying.



  1. Amen! Keep praying and listening to Him. As you draw closer He will lead you to paths that will kill the fear in your ‘self’ nature that is the root of worry and an enemy of God. Remember this is a battle. Fight that worry with the weapon’s of spirit; prayer and truth. He is a powerful, worthy and faithful Father. When you lean your entire being on Him He will not let you down. You will discover just how silly, useless and a time waster worry is. We used to worry about where we would get our next meal from, where we would sleep that night and silly things like that. Now, after seeing His provision time and again we just leave it in His hands. He always has provided and always will.

    Homer Les

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