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Power At The Cross

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There is power in the finished work at the cross.

During the Christmas season, Christians celebrate the birth of Christ. Jesus’ birth fulfilled the prophecy that the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among men.

The words from the mouth of God are spirits, and when spoken they come alive to fulfill His command.

The living Word of God demonstrates His greatness. Incorporated in God are all the power, glory and majesty.

Therefore, He deserves our worship, praiseand exaltation. The power of God is exhibited in His meekness because He is able to control His tremendous power in any given situation.

At the cross of Calvary, Jesus could have called for thousands of angels to help Him but He controlled this mighty power to submit to the agony of the cross.

It was not easy to remain calm in the midst of adversity, but Jesus did it out of love – a love that will never fade.

Heaven groaned and the earth shook when Jesus gave up His life for our sins, but heaven rejoices when one sinner repents and receive Christ into his heart.

It is the Lord’s will that none of us perish, but that we will all repent and enter into His kingdom.

While living on this earth God wants us to live like we are more than conquerors not as defeated weaklings. When you live a life of integrity you are guaranteed to be victorious.

The Lord did not leave us hopeless. Instead, He armed us with everything to fight the battle.

Therefore, none of us should ever give up in defeat because we are never too old nor too late. So do not accept the negative words from the enemy.

With Christ on your side, you are everything.

You are not alone on this journey because the good Shepherd will lead you beside still waters and into green pastures on the mount of the Lord where supernatural blessings await you every morning.

The Lord will anoint you with oil so that your face shines with His glory. You can depend on Jehovah, our God.

It doesn’t matter where you have been or what you have done, the Lord will save, heal and restore you.

Jesus is the only way to salvation. So instead of doubting and questioning the validity of this statement just receive it by faith and spread the love to others and be blessed.


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