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God Is In Control

Today is the 1st anniversary of hurricane Irma, which tore through our islands in the BVI and literally crushed us.

Last year at this time, the entire BVI were battened in and shut down waiting for the approaching tempest.

Many of us, especially the children, who have never experienced a hurricane were more curious than fearful.

Some of us older folks who had been through many storms both spiritually and physically were anxious, but prepared.

The hurricane came and shook the very foundation of the islands. It battered, it ravaged, it tore, it shook and then it left us exposed and in shock.

Fear, confusion, anger, sorrow and pain filled the atmosphere. The world outside thought we were all dead.

But God!

The tempest took our possessions and crushed our pride, but we crawled out of the rubble, ALIVE!

God was in control!

Last year, destruction was all around us.



Today we have peace.

Peace and calm over the BVI


Last year the apartment where I lived was totally destroyed.



Today God gave me a view of peace from a new apartment.

Thank you, Lord!

Check out these sobering and spectacular before and after photographs of BVI after Hurricane Irma published by the BVI Beacon.



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