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Fix Your Heart Upon The Lord

Have you ever felt as if you are sorrounded by lions?

These lions are lurking in dark places watching you constantly, waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack.

Are you dwelling among caustic people whose teeth are like spears and arrows, and their tongue sharp sword?

Perhaps you have almost fell into a pit that the enemy dug for you, but miracuously you escape.

You can think of countless times when the enemy sets traps and snares, but God…

David found himself in these situations when he was running away from King Saul.

David had only one solution to his predicament and that was to fix his heart upon God.

My encouragement for you today is that whatevever situation you are going through remain steadfast and fix your heart on the Lord and praise Him.

Reference: Psalms 57

Read: Fix your eyes on Jesus.



  1. Thanks much Bev.

    When I keep my heart fixed on Jesus He keeps me, nourishes me, He renews my strength and increases my faith in Him. I also get to know him more and is known by him. Sometimes I experience wonderful miracles, but most of all I experience an inner peace.

    Bless your heart my sister. Have a wonderful day as you keep your heart fixed on Jesus!!!!

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  2. Thanks Beverly. I actually have been through some tough situations with people trying to do wrong towards me. And fixing my eyes on the Lord has always helped. I appreciate your encouragement. Much needed! ❤️

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