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Has Technology Become God In The life Of The Youths?

We are approaching the end of the year 2018 and we have published over three hundred exciting articles during this year.

Some of these posts you may have missed so for the remaining two days in this year and into the New Year, I will publish a monthly review consisting of the most “liked” posts in each month starting from the month of June to December. Follow the link in the following article to read the favorite posts of the readers in the month of June 2018.

Is there a link between technology and the youths’ lack of interest in the Church?

In our modern day advanced society, everything can be acquired quickly by simply a click of the curser.

You can gain knowledge about anything, whether it is fiction or fact, by surfing the web. Your voice can be heard across the world just by joining the social media.

Over the past twenty years, technology has increased rapidly. And it seems as if as technology increases the further the younger generation strays away from God.

It almost appeared as if Satan has captured an entire generation. Is it possible for us to draw them back to God?

How can we convince the youths that serving the Lord will benefit them greatly?

They need to understand that when they develop a relationship with the true and living God, He will sustain you, and fill you with goodness.

We need to encourage the younger generation to repent, walk with God and follow the light of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Modern technology such as the internet and social media is eroding basic family values such as communication and togetherness.

Family members spent hours on the phone texting their friends instead of speaking to each other.

Men have been neglecting their role as husbands and fathers because they become sidetracked with all the entertainment on the internet.

Fathers are missing out on the special blessings that God has ordained for them.

It is fair to state that technology also has a positive impact on our society.

These are noted in the advancement in medicine, education, economy and traveling.

As Christians, we can spread the good news of salvation via social media. We simply release the word and step aside and allow the Lord of the harvest to gather in the younger generation.

It is a fact that only the Spirit of God can draw sinners to Himself, and fill all the emptiness within them.

The love of God covers all of us both good and bad. It is by the grace of God through our faith in Him that we are saved.

Since the Lord first showed this great love towards us we should return this love by allowing the Lord Jesus Christ to wash our feet.

In so doing we will become part of Him, firmly attached to the vine (John 15).

As we draw closer to the end of this year let us comfort each other with the Word of God while giving Him thanks for His favor, mercy, strength, healing, and restoration.

Never forget that the humble and the meek are blessed by God. The meek includes the young people who have a pure and humble heart.

Technology is moving rapidly and so we have to find creative ways by which we can minister to the young people via technology. Let us not shy away from it but embrace it so that we can harvest the young generation for God.




  1. There’s also the effect of increased electromagnetic fields flooding over us as we live with, under, beside, in front of electronic devices. That affects our health and mental processes and must direct our thinking — to the extent that we let it, AND possibly to a huge extent that is yet to be realized. So the technology ‘god’ can be damaging its followers. Even the non-technological can become enslaved: during the current 2 weeks SKY movie channels are free in our country, so guess how I’m planning my day?

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    • I agree with you that the increased electromagnetic fields are not good for our health. Thank you for sharing this information anf for visiting. Have a blessed New Year.


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