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Has Satan Captured An Entire Generation?

A few weeks ago I attended a national repentance service held in the BVI where I reside. Most of us as Christians strongly believe that our nation can only be healed when God’s people repent (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Many prayers of repentance were offered up to God but there was one particular statement in a prayer that broke my heart. The person prayed, “Lord, forgive us for releasing a generation who do not know God.”

For every generation since the beginning of creation, there was a mighty move or revival of God to harvest the new generation. Therefore, each generation has a responsibility to lead the new and younger generation to the Lord.

For example, the chart below showed six generations from 1925 to present (there are some overlapping) and the notable achievements in technology and social reformation.

The Pentecostal movement was birthed in Los Angeles In 1905, by William J. Seymour. He began preaching in local churches that speaking in tongues was the first evidence of being baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Seymour’s congregation began to grow until it quickly developed into a great revival at Azusa Street in 1906. The revival attracted people from all races, rich and poor, and from other denominations.

They worshipped God in humility and simplicity and were not concerned about monetary reward. The revival was described as a return of the day of Pentecost of Acts 2 where people were speaking in tongues, the sick were healed and people were delivered.

The revival paved the way for other great revivals and evangelism in the USA and all over the world. These early movements help to convert the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers.

I was born in 1964 so I am part of Generation X. During my childhood I grew up listening to popular evangelists such as Billy Graham, Norman Vincent Peale, Oral Roberts, R. W. Schambach and Jimmy Swaggart.

I remembered attending Billy Graham crusades every year in my hometown in Jamaica and many people were saved and baptized at these revival meetings. These anointed preachers were members of the Baby Boomers and Silent Generations.

They preached the Word of God in many countries. Their daily radio and television broadcasts were successful in converting millions of people to Christ. This was the great move of God that converted my generation.

The Great Pentecostal Movement (Image courtesy of

The children of Generation X are the Millennial Generation. They were born with the advent of internet technology.

God has placed the mandate in the hands of my generation (X) to lead the Millennials to Him. The best way to do this job is by teaching and mentoring because they learn better by these methods.

Have we been successful in carrying out this mandate?

Sadly, no!

But, it is not because of lack of trying, it is because we are using the method that the previous generations used to convert the generations that followed them. This method is through preaching and revival meetings.

Throughout the years we have been trying to recreate the Azusa street revival, and so far it has been successful in attracting mostly members of Baby Boomers and Generation X, but very little from Y (Millennials) and Z.

Consequently, we are losing these generations. The millennials are leaving the churches in droves and a new generation – the Generation Z – is following them closely.

Sadly, we (Generation X) have released an entire generation (Millennials) who do not know God.

But, has God released them?

And I will establish My covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you in their generations, for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and your descendants after you. (Genesis 17:7)

According to a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2014, over 80% of millennials both younger (born 1990 -1996) and older (born 1981-1989) believe in God but only 27 and 28% attends church weekly compared with 38% of Baby Boomers and 51% of Silent Generation.

The research showed a trend of decline in the younger generations who consider that religion is important in their lives.

Exactly why is this happening?

The Millennials and Generation Z are becoming despondent with the churches. They find it boring and many of them are looking to other forms of spiritualities such as astronomy, yoga, witchcraft, and new age movements to find meaning in life.

Barna Research found that 39% of Generation Z claimed they find God elsewhere while 20% said that God is missing from the church. The research at Barna and Pew found some startling reasons why interest in the churches is diminishing among the youth.

I have compiled the three top reasons.

1. Christians are judgmental and hypocritical.

The younger generations claim that Christians are insensitive to their needs and discuss them unfairly.

Barna states that over 80% of millennials think Christians are judgmental and 91% think they are anti-homosexual.

The younger generations also claim that there is too much pretense among Christians and they don’t practice what they preach.

2. The churches have become “cliquish” and operate like a social club or secular business organizations.

Most of these mega churches emphasize prosperity doctrine where money and material possessions are signs of blessings from God.

Based on my personal observation, the young people think that churches are segregated and organized like a secular hierarchical system where the Pastor and so-called First Lady are at the top of the pyramid followed by ministers, deacons etc with the mass of congregation at the base or bottom of the pyramid.

The young people see themselves as least among the base group.

3.  The churches are boring and old fashion.

In my personal experience with my children and others, the younger generations are highly sensitive and they are easily offended if you shout at them.

They view preaching as someone shouting at them so they are quickly turn off as soon as the sermon begins. Thus, they find other ways to occupy themselves during the church service such as sleeping or playing with their cell phones.

How can Generation X right the wrong?

1. Teaching and mentoring the younger generations in love

Pastors should teach instead of preaching.

Preaching appeals to the emotions and the older congregation (Boomers and Z) are easily excited by a fiery message than the young people.

Teaching, on the other hand, appeals to your understanding and the younger generations respond better to a thorough intellectual message.

Pastors and ministers should make their sermons more interactive and try to involve the youths in these sessions.

Giving the young people more responsibilities in the church will keep them occupied in a positive way.

2. Remove the unnecessary titles such as “minister this” and “prophet that”.

As long as you know your gift and calling from the Lord just operate in it. You do not need constant validation from men.

Remember a pastor or minister is a servant to the people so humble yourself and serve the people.

Encourage unity and fellowship among the members similar to the days of the early church in Acts Chapter Three.

3. Wash your neighbor’s feet

The spiritual washing of your brother’s feet such as encouraging each other, helping in times of need is more important.

Solutions that the younger generations need to practice

1. Kill the pride

Children have a gentle and meek characteristic. Hence, Christ said that if we humble ourselves as a little child we will inherit the kingdom of God (Matthew 18:4).

However, as puberty creeps in and the hormones rage, the teens develop a strong dose of pride (haughtiness).

They believe that they know everything and somehow think that they are entitled to everything.

The spirit of pride will block you from receiving the message of salvation and from accepting help and mentoring from genuine people.

Generations Y and Z, you need to receive the spirit of humility and the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:1-11).

2. Practice self-control

The younger generations need to control their use of the social media, cell phones, and other digital gadgets.

3. Be proactive and read

Due to the rise of digital technology, with so many internet games and social media to occupy the young people, they no longer read books much more the Bible.

They need to read the Bible and as often as possible.

The younger generations need to be knowledgeable about the Word of God so that they will not be easily swayed by every wind of doctrine (Ephesians 4:14 )

I strongly believe that the internet and digital gadgets were conspired in the synagogues of Satan to distract the younger generation so that they will miss God.

The plot is to have them so enraptured and glued to their cellphones, the digital games, Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams, Snapchat and the other multitudes of social apps that they will not notice when Satan’s greatest deception is upon them.

Hence, it will easily overtake them and their precious souls will be lost.

What are some of these deceptions that are fast approaching and are possibly already present?

Read this news reportand also this one that counteracts it, about the plan to introduce an extraterrestrial savior. What do you think?

  • The plot to crash the internet (the kingdom of man or the beast in Revelation 13).

For detailed revelation about this beast read the book: Harm Not The Oil And Wine.

Look at this video on YouTube.

Do you think it is a funny comedy that is meaningless or do you think that it is a plot of the enemy to destroy the younger generations?

Think about it and write your opinion in the reply box.

Also, what are other reasons why the younger generations do not want to attend church?

How can we harvest the Millennials and Generation Z for God?

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    • It is sad but the behaviour of church folks are driving away people of every age group. I hope that you will be able to find another church that demonstrates the love of Christ. Have a blessed day and thank you for visiting.

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  1. Beverly, I agree very well written, and some very interesting ground covered. It is sad to see the things coming to pass that are forecast in scripture — on the one hand sad. On the other hand it tells us that our all knowing Lord is in control of our times and they are Biblicle. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Jerry. Thank you, and I feel blessed that you take the time to read and reply. Yes, the scriptures are coming to pass right before our eyes. My heart weeps every time I think about the generation that is falling victim to Satan’s tricks. Have you ever wonder what will happen to them if Christ should return right now? I am praying earnestly for their souls. Thank you and God bless you.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Great post Beverley, and very well researched as Yvonne stated above. I am a boomer, born in 1953. I came to Christ in my early 30’s, in 1985. I didn’t attend church, but every morning as I was getting ready for work, I would listen to Christian broadcasts on the radio as a baby Christian. Among them were Focus on the Family, Joyce Meyer, In Touch with Charles Stanley, Vernon McGee with Walk Through the Bible, and Gateway to Joy with Elisabeth Elliott. I soaked it up and learned alot. I started going to different churches, but I never felt fed by any them. They were cliquish and a place where I could see it was a social network, or a prosperity doctrine. I never fit in and never felt truly welcomed. Most churches only feed you one scripture and then the pastor veers off to an anecdotal story and never gets around to teaching the Word of God. For 20 years I never found a church that was sincerely wanting to teach deep Truth. They would cycle back around to the same sermons over and over, and cause the congregation to never mature in the Word of God. Most seminarys don’t teach above a third or fourth grade level, so it’s no wonder Gods people are perishing for lack of knowledge spiritually speaking.
    Finally in the fall of 2001, my husband and I went on a camping trip in Wyoming. On the way there we were listening to a Christian radio program and were weary of the same old messages we would hear over an over again and turned it off. Then we prayed and asked God if there was anyone out there who teaches the Truth…To wrap up this long story, we were told by a lady who was the campsite host, of a pastor who teaches chapter by chapter verse by verse. I had never heard of him, so when we got home, we tried to find him on dish tv but couldn’t. But eventually we did on a channel we never would have looked for but happened upon it. Boy were we amazed, and have been watching and learning ever since. He and his son teach the King James version chapter by chapter, verse by verse. 24/7 now. We learned more in a month’s time than we learned in years. They teach deep and are very well versed in The Word of God. I will not mention names but if you are interested in knowing who I’m referring to, you can email me.
    The push is on, and the enemy of our souls knows his time is short. The deception is strong and you need to know the Word of God in order to teach the Word of God to anyone and especially the younger generation. They’re hungry, and remember, God says in His Word that the famine in the end times is not for bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the Words of LORD. Amos 8:11. Why is that? Because the church has been infiltrated by Satan and His cohorts, and the pastors are complicit and not taking care of and looking after their flock, because of the deception of false doctrine being allowed in the church.
    There is hope though, we can use the time at hand to be an example to the younger generation. It’s a strong admonition, but we have a responsibility to be that example to win them over with the Love of God and the Salvation of Jesus Christ. With man this is impossible, but WITH God, ALL things are possible. I know this is a long comment and I thank you for your time to read it. God bless.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Susan. You have a powerful testimony and it should be published as a post. It is great as it is and I am sure you can find a good title for it. So if you feel led by the Lord please submit it as a post. I have heard so many people complained about the cliquish attitude of the churches. Also, as you said, many pastors do not preach the word. They start on a subject and then veered off into some trivial stuff. It is annoying. I also agree with you that the young people are hungry for God but we are not effectively reaching them. I know that God is calling me to teach His Word especially to the millennials but I don’t know how to teach. I am praying that God will give me the courage and the directions to make a start. As you rightly said all things are possible with God. I started to write this post a few months ago and put it aside because I could not find the time to finish the research. However, when you told me about the urgency that you and your husband felt about harvesting this generation, I decided to stay up late and complete it. I am praying night and day for the youths that God will give them the desire to seek after Him. Please WhatsApp me the link to your Bible teacher. Thank you again. Blessings, my sister.

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  3. Stirring piece of writing, I was born in 1948 Oh boy have I seen changes a few good but too many bad and we all know who is behind all the lies and distractions and false teachings
    Many of the churches which used to be full are theses days empty both spiritual and physical as many have left churches to do their own thing as you said
    I expect even schools have fosaken morning assemblies and reading passages from the Bible as they did when I attended school

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is sad but Our younger generation are straying and we need to find a way to draw them back to God. Thank you for visiting and have a blessed week in the Lord.


  4. I believe that does that preach that they’re of Christian faith; somewhere down the line many many generations ago, they have been worshipping the Devil. The one who destroys the most precious jewels we have and that’s our children, our youth. I see every word you mentioned and noted. And I can see the double wording of making it seem as is possible that is the reason, but in reality we are living like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah .. definitely worse. I wonder if there’s more humans like myself ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes! We are definitely living in the last days. A world that is worst than Sodom and Gomorrah. If it was not for the grace and mercy of God we would all be consumed.


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