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The Spirits Behind The Pyramids

The basic structure of a pyramid contains a flat surface with triangular shaped sides converging at the top.

Most people have heard about the famous pyramids of ancient Egypt. The Bible spoke extensively about Egypt but did not mention any pyramids.

Possibly, it was called by another name. Isaiah prophesied that there will be an altar in the midst of Egypt (Isaiah 19:19).

In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord at its border. (Isaiah 19:19)

Some Bible scholars claimed that Isaiah was prophesying about the construction of the pyramids. This belief is highly possible because the pyramids are ancient historical monument.

Isaiah prophesied about the judgment of the nation of Egypt and their restoration.

The altar was a sign as a witness unto the Lord that when the Egyptians cried unto Him because of their oppressors, He will hear and deliver them.

The Lord vowed to smite the Egyptians and then healed them. I believe that prophecy had been fulfilled.

Who built the pyramids of Egypt?

Good question! There are many answers!

Some people believed they were built by slaves, others claimed that Joseph or Noah constructed them.

While others have salacious ideas that extraterrestrial aliens or Nephilim created these massive structures.

In spite of these theories, one thing is certain, the precise details of the construction of these pyramids are still baffling scientists.

Aerial view of Giza pyramid complex. Image courtesy of

How did ancient people build such massive structures with primitive tools?

Our scientists and historians can only rely on archeological evidence that they dug up or ancient writings.

But, what about evidence that was destroyed? Those may contain the truth that will never be revealed.

Regardless of the builder, it is a known fact that pyramids are located not only in Egypt but all over the world.

There are about 1000 pyramids in Central America alone (world pyramids). Others are found in China, Russia, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Croatia.

How was it possible that these ancient civilizations who spoke different languages and are thousands of miles apart knew how to construct a similar structure?

The White Pyramid, China. Image courtesy

I believe the answer lies at the tower of Babel.

The people at the tower of Babel spoke one language, and they planned to remain together to create a powerful kingdom.

Nimrod was the leader of a united society, and it appeared that he discovered the ancient technology that was destroyed by the flood. However, he used the knowledge for evil in defiance against God.

The Lord refused to allow the earth to be corrupted again, so He came down and confounded their language. Hence, the people were scattered across the world.

They took with them bits and pieces of this ancient knowledge and then try to utilize them in the new society that they build throughout the world.

Mayan Pyramid, Cancun Mexico. Image courtesy of

Hence there are similarities in these people’s religion and buildings.

Throughout the year’s many theories and conspiracies have been formulated about the pyramids of Egypt. This post will not examine these ideas.

I want you to look closely at the shape of the pyramid below.

Note that it has a broad base and a narrow top. The base is broad because it contains plenty of elements and it is the foundation that supports the smaller top.

If the base becomes weak, the top will crumble.

Throughout history, the basic structure of the pyramid has been used to illustrate and explain key areas in our social and economic lives. They have been used in psychology, Biology, Sociology mathematics and financial system.

But, what exactly are the spirits behind the pyramid? The pyramid promotes a spirit of division and oppression. These ugly spirits become apparent when you look closely at their uses.

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