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It’s Harvest Time

For many years, the body of Christ has been talking about the great move that God will be doing for the millennial generation. We know that it will be a move, but nobody knows exactly how He will do

In July 2012, the Lord gave me a declaration for the body of Christ, but He told me not to release it until the right time. This year He told me to release it because it explained the move that He will be doing for this generation. When I  re-read the words of the prophecy, I was amazed that it mentioned about the voice in the wilderness telling us to prepare His way.

The Lord declared 2016, as the year of John the Baptiste, and so the following declaration is relevant at this time.

“Ever since the fall of man, I tried to reach my people. I want them to return to the place where we were. I want my bride to come back to me. I love you, and I even came down to earth in the form of man to die for you. I thought that this would be enough, but it is not.

I speak to you from the clouds in the day and from the fire in the night. I talk to you through my prophets and priests, kings and shepherds. I even try to get your attention by showing great signs and wonders in the heavenly – lightning and thunder, but you still will not listen.

When I left earth, I sent my Holy Spirit to live in your heart to communicate directly to you, ‘one to one’ but you still will not listen because as close as I am to you, you cannot hear my voice because of all the clutter and noise in your life.

I talk to you in unknown tongues. “For with stammering lips and another tongue, I speak to you, my people. I said this is the rest with which you may cause the weary to rest, and this is the refreshing” (Isaiah 28: 11). I called you to righteousness and holiness, but you will not hear.

Is there anything else that I should do for you to open your ears and listen to my words? If I remove your altars and your incense and your high places at the gates, will you listen then? If I remove your idols – your desires and your dreams, will you listen then? But I will not because even then you will not listen.

I will tell you why you cannot listen; you do not hear because of lack knowledge. Hence, you do not know how to listen to my voice – how to recognize my voice.


Therefore, I will teach you one more time, precept upon precept, line upon line. Here a little there a little; but to whom will I teach knowledge? And whom will I make to understand the message? Those that are weaned from milk or those just drawn from the breast? (Isaiah 28: 9 -10).

No! I will tell you what I will do. I will raise up teachers. Those that are humble in spirit and those that are sold out to me. I will raise them up to teach my ways and to make the crooked path straight. I will raise them up to bring in the harvest because it is harvest time and the reapers are few.

The reapers are few because my priests and prophets have erred through intoxicating drink. They are overcome with wine and strayed because of intoxicating drink. They blunder in vision and stumble in judgments. For all tables are full of vomit and filth; no place is clean (Isaiah 28: 7-8).

My shepherds have all fallen prey to the lies of the enemy. He feeds them with deception so that they become lost in their conceit. Therefore, I am raising up my teachers. They will be my final voice in the wilderness crying, to prepare the way.

I am raising up my teachers so that they can teach my wisdom because my wisdom is not earthly ‘for the wisdom of this world is foolishness unto me’ (1 Corinthians 3:19).

I will give them my wisdom because they have dedicated their heart and life to know me and to walk in my ways. So I will give them my knowledge so that they will know me and will receive revelations. Then they will teach my revelations to my people. They will teach you how to listen, how to remove the clutter and noise from your lives that you will hear me.

My teachers will show you how to walk in my ways; how to open your hearts to make your lives a dwelling place for me. They will teach you my wisdom and my knowledge. Only then, I am sure you will finally listen to me because this is the end time and I am bringing in the sheaves. It is harvest time” said the Lord.

Do you believe it is harvest time? What are your thoughts of the great move that Lord is doing for this generation? Share with us in the comment box below.

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