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How To Feed Only One Sheep

One Sunday morning a farmer turned up to church and discovered that he and the new vicar were the only people there.

“What shall we do?” asked the vicar.

“Well,” replied the farmer, “If I go to feed my sheep and only one turns up, I feed her.”

So after they sang four hymns, two lively choruses, two scripture reading, prayers for everything under the sun and a thirty minute sermon the service finally ended.

“So how did I do?” the vicar asked the farmer with a grin.

“Well, if I go to feed my sheep and only one turns up, I feed her,” he said, “but I don’t give her the whole bag full!”

Source: Adapted from SOLI



  1. Thanks for a good laugh. One time when my husband was a pastor of a small church no one showed up for Sunday service except our family. We debated what to do – then decided that we had come to worship God. So we did. We sang our worship songs and my husband shared his sermon. (He did cut it down a bit – did not give us the “whole bag.”

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