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The Farmer’s Advice

Sometimes pastors get discourage when only a few members showed up to hear his sermon that he had spent many hours to prepare.

The farmer has the answer to this dilemma!

One very cold, snowy Sunday in February, only the minister and one farmer arrived at the village church.

The minister observed, “Well, I guess we will not have service today.”

To which the farmer replied, “If only one cow shows up at feeding time, I feed it.”


Joke taken from: The World’s Greatest Collection Of Church Jokes. Compiled and edited by Paul M. Miller



  1. Beverley, that goes beyond just the farmer and the preacher and his sermon. This applies to all of us. Should we blog if only one person reads our blog? Is one person enough? I remember when I first started my WordPress blog. Pure Glory was often the only “like” that I received, and this went on for a year or two, I think. Every day I would write, and every day pretty much I would have a like from “Pure Glory,” and occasionally from a few others. So, every day I would say, “Thank you, Lord, for Pure Glory.” I might have written on here for two years before I really had readers and responders much at all. So, I think it gives us a lot to think about. Our success is not measured in numbers. If we influence one person for Christ or if we encourage one person in their walks of faith, shouldn’t that be enough? It doesn’t mean we don’t reach out to more, but that we need to be faithful in service even when we see very little fruit for our labors. Well, that is how it spoke to me, anyway. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Hi Sue. I am so glad that this post encouraged you. I really did not apply it to blogging, but you are perfectly right. If only one person read our posts, should we stop blogging? God forbid! Sometimes I get discourage when I see the stats, but the Lord keeps reminding me not to worry about the numbers. As you said, God is looking at our faithfulness. Thank you for reminding me of this. Your input really encouraged me. Blessings.

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