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Who Will Sit With You In The Ashes Of Despair?

I was inspired to reblogged the following post by an article entitled “Thank You” written by Deandra of Imago Dei.

In her post she mentioned that during a time of severe distress the Lord provided a friend who prayed with her and speak life into her situation.

This friend helped her to bounce back from her depressive state. In spite of her problems she was able to take the time to say thank you to her fellow bloggers.

Deandra’s testimony brought back memories of a similar situation that I encountered in 2016.

The devil managed to sneak into my normally peaceful household and turned it upside down.

I was devastated!

I had no friends or relatives to call.

In my emotionally distraught state I could not find the words to pray. I could only holler and bawl.

But, tears are prayers too!

My pastor and some of my church sisters came over to my house and prayed with me.

But, God knew that I needed more than prayers and He sent me someone who was a stranger at that time to sit with me in my ashes of despair.

I then remembered Job and his trials and was inspired to write the folowing post, Who will sit with you in the ashes of despair?

Some of my friends right now are believing God for a miracle in their lives.

Some of them are facing some terrible prognosis and are asking God, why me?

Some of my friends’ love ones are incapcitated, some are hospitalized and they are the only caregiver so they need strength from the Lord.

Some of my friends are suffering from chronic illnesses and are constantly in pain, but they are still trusting in the Lord for their healing and restoration.

Some of my friends are caring for children with congenital abnormalities and mental disabilities.

These parents are facing a tough battle on a daily basis and they need prayers and support.

Some of my friends are financially disabled and are on the verge of poverty, but they are still trusting in God for their breakthrough.

Today, I want to encourage you that the God whom you serve today and all of your life is still the same God who parted the red sea and tore down the walls of Jericho with a shout of praise.

He is God yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Don’t give up! Don’t let go of the hand of Jesus in spite of how powerful the waves are tossing.

Never forget that in your hour of greatest need, you are never alone because the Lord is with you and He will also send you a friend who will sit with you in the ashes of despair.

You are always in my prayers!


Becoming the Oil and the Wine

Job was a righteous man, perfect in all his ways. He shunned the very presence of evil, but it was during the highlight of his life that evil struck.

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  1. Oh I’m so thankful the Lord provides us with companions who are able to sit with us in the ashes of despair. As I thought back to last week the Lord began showing me how needed being able to lament is. It’s very cathartic. Additionally, He showed me that when either me or someone else is lamenting, that is not the time to pour gospel into them. That is the time to sit and listen and help them lament even. Once that lamenting is expelled from the system, their hearts will be better able to receive the message that is needed to bring restoration. If we pour in when someone is pouring out, we can expect some of what we are trying to pour in will end up being expelled.

    I’m thankful the Lord sent you someone to sit with you then, and even now sis. He knows just how to provide for us, especially in the ashes of despair.

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    • Sis, there is so much wisdom in your words. It is useless councelling someone when they are pouring out. Many of us lack wisdom on how to deal with someone when they are grieving and most times said words that hurt instead of comfort. After seven days of weeping with Job, his friends were able to speak to him. Thank you for your post that reminded me of where God brought me from. If He did it once He will do it again. Hold on in faith.

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      • God be praised always. I look back over that post and know it was Holy Spirit’s leading because I had no intention to share the heartache I was feeling that night. But God worked it all out and continues to make His strength perfect in my weakness.
        Hang in there sis, there’s beauty in our brokenness. 🙏🏽

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  2. Tears are prayers too, sighing are prayers too, been silent but our mind is speaking to God loudly are prayers too. I have been there in the Ashes and no one to talk to but one day I shouted loudly in the house “God I need a friend” I went on the road I saw someone I knew from school. That was the person that I had to talk to but I realized I did most of the encouragement. That was an important friendship because I was young christian and the friendship helped to build my walk with Jesus Christ.

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