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Remove The Limitation Off Your Prayer Life

How many times per day do you need to pray? Is it once in the morning or twice per day—morning and evening.

Maybe we need to be like Daniel who prayed three times per day? As a result, God closed the mouth of the lions and saved him from their ferocious attack (Daniel).

The more you pray each day the better it will be to close the mouth of the enemy.

The first Thursday in May was set apart for a National Day of Prayer in many countries. Many people cried out to God on this day.

They were united in this effort because there is a desperate need for God’s divine intervention in our society.

After the day is over everyone reverted back to their usual activities. But, is one day of prayer enough to keep off the attack of the enemy?

I hardly think so because after the day of prayer, the crime continues, injustices and oppression continues. Evidently, God’s people need to pray without ceasing.

It means that we are to be constantly on duty. While we are working, we must be suited in the whole armor of God with our weapons (the Word) by our side.

We also need to look out for each other and sound the alarm at the first sign of the enemy’s attack. As Christians, we cannot afford to backbite and undermine each other because when we do this we open the gates for the enemy to attack us.

Continuous prayer will keep us on the straight and narrow path. It will strengthen us and reinforce our stability in God.

Jesus admonished us to watch and pray lest we fall into temptation (Matthew 26:41).

Our spirit is willing to be on guard but our flesh is weak but we can learn to suppress the desires of the flesh with knowledge and the Word of God.

All of us regardless of race, nationality or gender are important to God and we are all unique in His sight.

Individually, we are the Church (the Bride of Christ) so when we pray for the Church let us personalized it and pray that God will give us a heart like His.


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