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Forget Me Not

Due to our human fragility, we often forget people or things at times.

A mother sometimes neglects her child but God said that He would never forget us because He has inscribed us in the palm of His hands ✋. (Isaiah 49:16).

What a wonderful God!

God promised to never leave nor forsake us even when we forget Him at times.


I pray that you will never forget that God will never forget you.

Have a great day and be blessed 🙌.



  1. This is a good reminder. Especially when we are going through a trial! Sometimes, we don’t see or feel the Lord in the midst of our situation, and we often accuse Him of child neglect… But if we really take a pause, we will see in His Word, and in our lives that He is ALWAYS there. Sometimes, the noise of our situation clouds our view and blocks us from receiving His peace in the midst of our situation.

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    • That is so true. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by our situations at times and tend to forget that God is in the midst of our troubles. But thank God for people like yourself and this community of Blogger who always have a word of encouragement when we need it. Have a blessed 🙌 and fruitful day.


  2. Thanks Beverly! This just reminds that I once had forgotten to pickup my daughter after school. It was just after my dad passed away, but the Lord never forgot me. He held me close and loved me through it. He has my name written in the palm of His hand, but unlike us, He needs no reminder💕 He is always mindful of me and You👉🏽

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      • Indeed it was…I thank God that my Aunts were in town and just around the corner to grab her after the school called. I was headed to view my dad’s body…and I didn’t think I could bear to see him in a casket. Again the Lord did not forsake me…My dad (body) looked very peaceful and very handsome, although he was present woth The Lord🙏🏾

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      • When you are present with the Lord you will always look great. So glad your aunt was available. God will take care of us no matter what. I hope 🙏 you will have a great day.

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